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My Hair Routine

My Hair Routine
Hello Sunshines ^_^
How are you?

In today's post i will show you my hair routine,what i use when i wash them and afterwards!!But first let me tell you a few things about my hair!I never died my hair and their condition it's normal.Not too oily,not too dry!I f you follow me on Instagram,probably you know it already,that my hairs it's quite long,so for that reason i think that need a little bit more care in order to look and be healthy!!
I'm not gonna lie,i'm quite proud of my hair because even though they are long i maintain them in a very good conditions!
So here is the products that i use...

First step,is the shampoo and usually i like to double wash my hair!The Johnson's Baby Shampoo is something that you will always find it on my shower's shelf!I'm sure that the most of you remember this product since you were a small kid!Or maybe not,but where i live,in every house with babies,you will find this one!I love it because it smells heavenly and make your hair silky soft!
Other than that,as second shampoo i use whatever i have at the specific time around me!These days i use the Herbal Essence Seductively Straight Straightening Shampoo!I can't tell if really helps to keep my hairs straight because as i told before it's quite long,tend to be wavy and sometimes i think that they have a mind on their own!Other than that this brand's shampoos are trusty for years now,with lines which aim to different hair problems and i tell you for sure that all of them smells so good!

After shampoo,i skip conditioner and i use either the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Deep Hair Treatment Frizz Remedy or the Le Petit Marseillais Shea Butter and Honey Hair Mask!One time i use the one product and the other day,the other product.I feel this way the hairs is more difficult to get used to one product!
I'm really impress with the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Deep Hair Treatment Frizz Remedy!It's the first product that i used from this brand and for sure i will try more!My hair tend to be frizzy on the roots of my head,especially if i blow dry them!This product work wonders,tame my hair and feels like it treat them deeply,because when i rinse it off feel so amazingly soft!Also,i want to mention here,that  this is probably the product that helps me with split ends!Since i start to use it,my hair feels so much healthier!
The Le Petit Marseillais Shea Butter and Honey Hair Mask,is a product that i use for quite long time,i think much more than a year!It's a brand that i trust their hair products in general,they are natural and you can feel that they are gentle on the hair!I can say that treat the hairs,this specific one it's for damaged hair so helps with split ends and overall make them feel soft!As i mention in all the products on this post,this smells so good also and surprisingly the scent last even the next day!

My Hair Routine

Last but not least,the gem on my hair care routine (except from the Aussie product) it's the hair oil that you see on the photo above!I use it for years and i can't recommend it enough!Its the L'oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil!This is a miracle!!When i don't have it,i can feel the difference,that something missing,and it's quite hard to tell that for a product!Moisturize the hair,helps to brush them out and taming the frizzy hair!You can use it on both wet and dry hair,i prefer on wet to be honest and doesn't feel greasy at all!And i told you that for sure,since i use quite a lot of product,3 pumps for each side of my hair and when they feel extra dry i add one more pump just in the ends!

So these are all the products that i use on my hair!I hope that you found it helpful,if you want to change something in your hair routine,which i love to read in the comments below!Also feel free to let me know if you want a more in depth review for any of these products!

What is your favorite hair product?I will love to read all your recommendations for new products to try out ^_^

Hope you like it
Keep Smile :)

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