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New Lipstick Additions

new lipstick additions
Hello Sushines ^_^

I'm not sure if i mention it on my Boots Haul post,but except from the products that i show you there i also bought some new lipsticks,because you know,you can never have enough!I didn't like the idea to make a huge haul post so i split them up,and also today i will show you and two MAC lipsticks,that i bought recently and was my firsts!

loreal infallible matte max lip laquer swatches

I didn't expect it,but i catch myself picking up a lot those products lately!They aren't feeling like lipsticks or glosses!They have a spongy applicator in the front,which contains the actual color,so you just press it on your lips and you apply it!I like that the applicator has a pointy end because this way you can be more precise  and outline your lips,without any problem!The texture of it,it's velvety,it feels like nothing on the lips,like it's their natural color!Acccording to the brand,the product achieve this texture because of the micro-oils that has on it!Also,even though this light texture of them,they last for really long time!
I pick it up in two colors.004 a beautiful pink color,perfect for everyday use,and the 006 a bright orange color,perfect for the summer especially with tan skin!

mac lipsticks swatches

I guess there is no need to say much about those lipsticks!We are all know them and we are all love them!Those are the first ones that i picked up so let me know which other shade i need to bought!So i decided to get a more natural one,even though you know my thoughts about the nude lipsticks,but the Brick-O-La shade is just perfect for me and my skintone i guess!It's not too nude actually for the most of the people but for me it feels like that!I love it for everyday use,has a rosy kind of color,and i just love it!On the other hand,the other shade,the Diva,it's a darker red/wine color,and i like to use it for night out,with really simple eye look!The second and darker one,it's much more matte than the first one and maybe,if you have dry lips,you will need a lip balm underneath!

nyx round lipsticks swatches

So those ones are your basics kind of lipsticks!Nothing really much about them,nothing fancy!They are good though,they are not matte,feels buttery on the lips and even though that they doesn't have any shimmer on them,let the shine reflect on them or something!There are 59 different shades of those (how amazing is that!) and my suggestion is to look out for swatches because i didn't,so i end up with kind of similar colors,like the 521 ad 627!
So the 561,is a deep brownish kind of on the purple side of color!The 521,is a bright pink color,with blue undertones,which i think that it looks so beautiful during the summer against the tanning skin!The 627,even though that i like it as a color,a purply pink,i think that doesn't suit me because i prefer more warmer colors and this one is on cold side!
Overall i think that they are great,longlasting,but ofcourse NYX has an amazing variety of different lines of lipsticks!Those are the all time classic ones which suits to everyone and all can pick up!

soap and glory sexy mother pucker matte lips swatches

Those are in the line lip color and sculpt!I just love them!They are completely matte,not shimmer,not shine not anything but they are not dry at all!They have this buttery feeling,you know that you have something on your lips but doesn't bother you!I like the packaging,that you can twist them and doesn't need sharpener,because who even like those little things!
The thing that i didn't like it the most is that they have so so little product!The whole lipstick is just the one that you see on the photo,and trust me it's not because i use it or something,this is what you bought!On the other side it's not expensive at all so maybe all this make sense,but still i will like to pay a little bit more and have more product!
About the colors,i  love the Berry Much,it's kind of dark and deep but not much,so you can wear it in the mornings too,with a little bit makeup on the face!The Pretty Muted,to be honest i don't wear it much,because i prefer more color on my lips,but it's a pretty baby pink color,very season appropriate!

So that was everything!I'm a big fan of lip products as you can tell and by the time that i'm typing this,two new lip products added in my collection so keep an eye for them on my insta !

What is your favorite lip product?Do you ever tried any of those above?

Also i will love to know any request/ideas that you maybe have,about what do you want to see next around here!I will love to read everything in the comments below ^_^ 

Hope you like it
Keep Smile :)

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