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5 Ways to Feel Confident and Body Positive

feel confident and body positive
Hello Sunshines ^_^

Another one Monday,the first one of the April!Does anyone else feel that this year fly away way too fast?Because this is how i feel like,trying to catching up with the time!
Today i have for you a ''Motivation Monday'' type of post for you!I did a poll on the twitter,about what subject do you want to read about and seems that the most of you who vote pick the ''Body Image''!(make sure you follow me there,so you will not miss things like that on the future *wink wink*)

It's been a while since i write about it,so i will share with you how i gain my body confidence,and my confidence in general to be honest!
But before that i want to take some couple of lines to tell you my background story and how i decided that it's time to change something! (You can always skip to the ways,if you want to!)
Back to school,i think i was around 15,i was a pretty chubby girl!My face and my body look like two round balls,no joke!I was too overweight,i wore glasses and i had a terrible haircut!Surprisingly,i didn't have any issue with that,no at all!I had my family,2-3 close friends and i was happy with that!
By this period of time,i was a pretty close person when it comes to others,i didn't talk much and i preferred to stay close to my friends and just stick around with them!
One day,even though that i didn't had much interest on boys,there was someone,who i didn't had a crush on him,i just like him a little bit!Somehow,girls form my classroom find it out and decided,while we were in class,to make fun of me...

''Look how she is!He will not even look at her!She is fat,ugly...''

This is what they said or better yelled in front of everyone,included him...
And that was...I didn't tell anything,i acted like i didn't listen them or something and never talked about this with my girlfriends!It feels so weird now,when i think about my respond to that back then...
Anyway,school ended,my grades was really bad and i never felt more bad with myself!In a way,i punished myself to not go out of home all summer!I stop eating much and every afternoon for one hour i went for biking with my family (my one and only outside activity)!With this way,i start loosing weight,without even realize it!Seriously,i realize it that i lost all my extra weight,in the end of summer,after 3 months!At this period of time,i found internet too!I found a site online,which had games and you could communicate with others too,and as crazy as it sounds it was my little paradise!Helped me so much,but it's a long story so i will keep it for another time if you are interested!
By this time also,i found the beauty community on youtube and i became obsessed!Slowly i start to make my hair on home alone,try makeup products and slowly started to feel confident with myself!I don't say that makeup is what you need to feel confident,just in my case that was something that make me feel happy,kept my mind out of other problems and became my hobby!
When the school started again,after the summer,i was a whole different person and by that time i never looked back and never really talked about that summer with anyone until now!

After this big story,hope that you are still here,those are the ways that help and suggest you  to try if you lack of confidence...

1. Listen Your Body
 feel confident and body positive

Each body has their own needs and work with different ways!For this reason i suggest you,to just take some time and listen to them!For example if you want to lose weight,instead of trying hundred of different things without any result,just find out what works for you!Taking my body as an example,i can loose weight only when i'm careful what i'm eating on the night!It sounds crazy,but no matter what i will do through the day,it nothing works!The same goes for exercising!Find something fun,something that your body enjoying doing that and you will have the results you want in no time!

2. Little Changes

feel confident and body positive

This maybe will sound weird,but if you don't like something about you just change it!Nothing is wrong with that!I agree with the opinion that we should love ourselves the way that we are but i never get it how we will do that if we don'e like how we look!So my suggestion is,if you don't like something,try to fix it BUT do it because YOU want it!Because you don't like what you say and don't listen what other told you or what other believe!And that lead me to my next point...

3. Mirror Mirror

feel confident and body positive

Look yourself in the mirror,no with hate,no with disgust,no with others opinion in your mind!Look yourself with your eyes and with love!Mirror is not your enemy,it's your friend and if you want,it can make you feel better!I still have some extra weight,i know it,i see it on the mirror but i'm okay with that,i don't have problem!So just try to see yourself with open eyes and mind and see if there is really something that need to be fixed or that you are okay with what you see!

4. Perfect imperfections

feel confident and body positive

Do you remember back in days a tag like that on youtube?I really like it and enjoy watching it!It shows basically that nobody is perfect and this is great!If you think about it,what will be otherwise the beauty if everyone were perfect!Sometimes we see around us people and we stare them wondering how they can be so perfect (please tell me that i'm not the only one who do that) but then i say that this is not possible!They have flaws,we just don't know them!They also have insecurities which again we don't know and don't be shock if one of those ''perfect'' people come up to you and told you ''oh i wish to have your ... '' !So with that i want to tell you,to embrace all those things that you love about yourself and ignore your flaws,if you do it,everyone else will ignore them!
I will love to read in the comment 3 things that you love about yourself...Don't be shy...feel free to show us how amazing you are!!

5. Positive Mindset
 feel confident and body positive

Positivity is indeed the key to everything!Mind is a powerful human tool!If you see your body and yourself in general a positive way then this is how others will look at you!Because they will see that confident and that glow around you! (and if you are not ready yet,you can always fake it until you make it *wink wink*)
Talking about mind,before try out those ways,make sure that you really want to change,to change the way that you feel about yourself,the way that your body look!I know,maybe this sounds weird,because obviously you want it,and for that reason you click on this post,but...Are you really want it?
I really hope that i'm not the only one,but there is times that i feel poorly and miserable about myself and i just want to stay there for a little bit or days!Somehow i just want to live that,to be laid on my bed,wondering about me and my life (yes,i'm crazy like that) until i'm ready to change it!

So yeah,if you feel ready,if you want to feel confidence and positive about your body,that is my ways and my suggestions to do it!I'm sorry for the longest post ever!I hope that it was somehow helpful!

I will love to read in the comments below what you think,the 3 things that you love about yourself and if you have any extra advice for all those who struggle to find their confidence!

Hope you like it 
Keep Smile :)

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