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Review & Swatches : Sleek i-Divine Enchanted Forest Palette

Review and Swatches Sleek i-Divine Enchanted Forest Eyeshadow Palette
Hello Sunshines ^_^

Another one week,another one palette review!I guess it's not a secret anymore,how much i love eyeshadow palettes!I think that you can never have too many because there is so much colors and different textures out there,that you just can't say no (please tell me that i'm not the only one)!Also i find the ''review and swatches'' type of post about palettes can be quite handy because you need to see the colors before you buy one!

You can find quite a few of them already around here so you will find some links for them in the bottom of this post,if you are interested ofcourse!

So in today's post i will talk you about a sleek palette,the Enchanted Forest!Maybe you spotted already on my Boots Haul post so let's have a closer look...

There is few reasons that i love this palette and one of  them is the name of the eyeshadows,which are inspired by the fairytale of Cinderella!How cute is that!Also you get a variety of colors,which i find it more than great!The palette comes with 12 eyeshadows,from gold/brownish to blue-ish and purple/pink colors!It's pretty affordable like all the palettes of this brand and you can create so many different eye looks and play around with different color combos!

Review and Swatches Sleek i-Divine Enchanted Forest Eyeshadow Palette

Review and Swatches Sleek i-Divine Enchanted Forest Eyeshadow Palette

Texture : You can find three types of finishes, matte like Anastasia,Prince Charming,Beatrice,Glass Slipper, shimmery like Perla,Fairy Godmother and metallic like the majority of all the other eyeshadows,as example the Pumpkin and the Daphne!

Pigmentation :  I couldn't be happier and more surprised on that department!It's a pretty affordable palette and to be honest i wasn't sure what to expect!I thought that i will have some hit and misses with some colors and that they will be just okay!But let me tell you that those eyeshadows are so much more that okay!I did the swatches without any primer underneath and without too much amount of product!All of them pay off the color perfectly and you get exactly what you see on the pans!And this is something,because sometimes you just can't get the color that you see,but a fade version of it!
In this case this just can't happen!

Packaging : Let me tell you,i'm one of those people that yes,i judge the books from their covers!If a product doesn't have good packaging,i tend to use them less!Don't ask why,i guess this is the way that my brain works or something!So this product,make you use it by the packaging!As the name of the brand,it has sleek package,black and beautiful!It's small and slim and as you guess it,perfect for travelling!
And by that (because i mention it almost in all my reviews) don't assume that i'm travelling all the time,but sometimes maybe you want to throw it on your bag to use it after work or take it in a friend's house or something else!You can do it,there is not way to open,you can hardly open it even if you want it to be honest!And that's great because i so not like palettes which doesn't close properly!

Duration : Is that the proper word to use right here?Not sure but we will go with that!
I tend to not use eyeshadow primer,i just apply concealer all over my eyelid!When i used them,they last for about 5-6 hours!After that,not that they faded away,just started creasing a little!But maybe in your eyes last a little longer because my eyelids tend to be a little oily!

makeup look sleek i-divine enchanted forest eyeshadow palette

And this is a look that i create with it!To be honest i thought that it will turn out more on the blue side but it was purply!And in person was even more but still like it!I used Perla all over the lid,Grand Dude on the outer corner of the eye and in the inner corner i use the Glass Slipper!On the bottom line of the eye i apply again,with a small brush a little bit of the Grand Dude!

I like how this look turns out,although i will like to create more with this palette because the colors is just so beautiful!

I will love to know if you are interested too,if you like posts about makeup looks and also what do you want to see next around here in general!!

Do you every tried this palette?I will love to read all your thoughts in the comments below ^_^ 

Hope you like it 
Keep Smile :)

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