Wednesday, April 27, 2016

5 Ways To De-stress

how to destress
Hello Sunshines ^_^

Today we will talk about something,that i guess we can all relate with!We will talk about stress and to be more specific,the ways to de-stress!Sometimes,we heard about stress,and we think about it quite lighthearted!And sometimes it can be like that...I remember back in school may i stressed a little about exams or homework but nothing too serious!
Nowadays,this feeling of stress is way more intense and more real!With uni,the long hours of work and everything that i need to keep up with,there is days that i feel like i can't move from stress,my head and mind stop working and everything seems too much!
Stress is something that can affect you both mentally and physically!A lot of people around us suffer because of that and at some point can lead in other mental illnesses too,like anxiety and panic attacks!

For all those reasons,i decided to share with you today,the ways that helps me personally to calm down and relax a little...Ofcourse from person to person those ways may vary,different things works for different people!So feel free to share your ways to de-stress,in order to help even more the people who need it!

1. Find the reasons . Firsts things first, and at my opinion is important to try to find the reasons that make you feel so stress!If you have a lot going on around maybe your are not sure from which direction the more pressure is coming!Maybe if you try to think when the stress make the appearance,you will realize for example that every time hits you before the work or before uni assignments!Maybe you are not able to cut out of your life everything that stresses you out but it's better to be aware than hit you suddenly every time!

2. Feed your brain . When i'm stressed i'm craving chocolate so bad!And if you think about it,it's quite normal because sugar make the brain work,or better give it a boost!So the next time that you will feel that way,try to eat a  little bit of chocolate or nuts!Not over do it,ofcourse because you don't want to have opposite results!Sometimes too much sugar can make you feel stress without any reason,at least it happens to me!
On the other hand,if sugar doesn't work on you,try something else,something that makes you feel full and it will give on your mind the amount of energy that it wants!Maybe fruits it will work!

3. Meditation . If you never tried it before you need to give it just one try!I heard about it all the time but seems boring to me and so not appealing!Some months before i had the worst sleepless nights,no matter how tired i was i couldn't sleep!So i typed on youtube ''sleep meditation'' or something like that and a list of videos with sounds pop up!I fell in love and really saved me!So there are videos like that for anything,for happiness,for calming,for productivity...literally everything...just search it!There  are even some in which someone guide you but i prefer those with just sounds!

4. Hot bath / Tea . I wasn't sure if i wanted to include that or not,because it's something that i don't do it so often or at all!I'm more a coffee and shower type of girl!But my mum is a massive fun of baths,really hot baths and they are helpful for her so here you go!Days can be so much less stressful with a hot bath and a cup of tea!Add some calming music or any meditation video that i mentioned above and some candles and you will have the perfect relaxing session for you!

5. Relaxing hobby . Another one favorite de-stress practice!There is so many things out there that you can do,have fun with and at the same time help you with the stress!I will give you some examples,of what i enjoy to do but you can try different things,see what works for you and makes you feel better!
I love to paint,colors and shapes make my mind stop thinking other stressing things!Cross stitching also helps on this distracting way!Sounds a little bit granny or something,but i enjoy it,i count in my mind the crosses so there is no room for other things!
Also Polyvore is my little place of happiness!It's a site where you put together clothes,accessories,beauty products and other stuffs and you create something like images/sets!Not the best way to describe it but yeah,i really enjoy it,the people there are kind,friendly and positive and again it works as a distraction!

Do you tried any of those de-stress methods?What works for you?I will love to read all your comments because there is always a room for more solutions/ways ^_^

Hope you like it
Keep Smile :)

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