Thursday, October 13, 2016

My 5 Favorite Red Lipsticks

So happy that its's finally this time of the year that we can totally rock red lips!Not that you need a specific season to wear them but personally i really feel them right now,where the weather gets chillier and as we are moving slowly closer to Christmas!
I believe that even if you prefer a lighter or darker shade,we all have somewhere a red lipstick!It's such a classic and you can pair it with everything,both outfit and the rest of the makeup wise!You can just throw a jean,a t-shirt,eyeliner,ofcourse red lipstick and you are good to go,just like that!
Those things and the quote that you can see above inspire me to create the makeup bag above,which you can check it out on my etsy shop!

Because it's so true,when you don't know what to wear on your lips,red is the easier and safest way to go!
So if you are on a hunt for a new red lipstick for the season or if you're just curious about my what i fancy at the moment then keep reading,as today i'll share you my 5 favorites one...

Not sure why the swatch turn out like that,maybe the lighting or something!
It is a combination of lip balm and sheer lipstick!I wear it almost every single morning and i wonder right now why i didn't show you before!
It's perfect if your lips feels dry or if you are looking for something fast and easy but with some color at the same time!Speaking of color,even though that yes,it's sheer you can definitely tell that there is color there,just not that vibrant as a lipstick!

Moving on something more bright and poppin,we have a Lippie Stix by Colourpop in the shade Trust Me!
This can consider as a sneak peak,as Colourpop haul with swatches is coming soon,maybe Saturday but no promises!
Until then.let's take a moment to admire this beauty!If we're talking about red,then this is the definition of it!True red,without any other mixed shade in!Bright enough to make your day and suitable for all year around!
It's matte,because those are my favorite kind of lipsticks as you can tell and creamy at the same time!
Literally slide on the lips!

Next,i have another one lipstick by L'oreal to show you!It's quite old though and i'm not sure if they will still have this shade!It's the Color Riche 295 Intense Ruby!
This line of their lipsticks i guess it's a classic one by now,with so many shades available and recently i think they came out with 30 more or something like that!Or i can be totally confused but my point is that even if you don't find this exactly shade,i'm sure that if you check them out you will find the perfect red shade for you!
About the specific one,it's creamy,doesn't dry out the lips and surprise surprise it's not matte!It has a shine and some shimmer!Don't scare by that,because it's not the kind of shimmer which make you look like disco ball,but this kind which gives a beautiful shine!
About the color,it's more of a pinkish red!
You know for those kind of days that you can't pick between pink and red!

Last but not least,i pick to show you two lipsticks that are the same!Like same in everything,consistency,shade,just everything!
I include though both of them because of the difference in the tag price!
If you read my posts for a while now,i guess you have noticed already how much i love this line of lipsticks by Maybelline and maybe read already the full post about them!As their name says they are completely matte and creamy at the same time so doesn't dry out the lips,stay on for a lot of hours and start fading beautifully without those nasty patches!
On the other hand,who can resist on Mac lipsticks!I guess that they are classic pieces,although i own just two but that doesn't matter!This is a matte one also,and basically,to not repeat myself,works exactly as the previous one!
I love this shade of red if you can't tell already,deep but not too too dark!
I keep stare at them for quite long time,side by side, and the only slightly difference in the shades is that the Maybelline one is maybe more brownish than the other,which is more on the reddish!But nothing you can really tell just by look at them! 

Are you a fan of red lips?Which is your favorite lipstick?

Keep Smile :)
xx Aphrodite

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