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Review & Swatches : Makeup Revolution Highlighter Radiance Palette

We all fell in love with them especially during summer and i feel like autumn/winter season will not be any different!Ofcourse i talk about highlighters,not the colorful ones for studying but the ones who make our skin looks more dewy and healthy!I'm excited for this time of the year to wear dark vampy lips and leave the rest of my face looking natural and almost bare but glowy at the same time!
For  that look,and not only that,highlighters will come in handy and today we will talk about the Radiance Palette by Makeup Revolution!

I'm pretty new into this highlighting thing even though that it's around for quite long time now!Maybe because i couldn't find anything interest where i live and i was afraid to order something online especially without trying before anything similar in order to know what i like and what i'm looking for!
During summer i gave in some creamy highlighters a go but i knew that i needed to try some powdery too!Surprisingly the local beauty store bring some Makeup Revolution palettes so you know,there wasn't a chance to resist!I asked you on twitter,since i didn't know much about this brand anyways what are you interested the most to read about!By far,you asked for this palette so finger crossed that you find it a little bit helpful...

After so many product reviews,i think that you expect it from me,because yes,we will start from the packaging!

This palette comes in a beautiful all black,sleek packaging with rose gold letters (blogger's dreams maybe?!)!It closes really well,which personally i find it really important because who want an open highlighting palette,or any palette/product if you ask me,in their makeup bag!It doesn't look cheap at all and size wise i find it pretty convenient to carry it with you in any makeup bag!
In addition to all those,it comes with a really big mirror,as big as the top lid,which we all know how in handy can comes!

All good and nice but can't skip the fact that this palette,with all the prettiness,it gave me such a hard time to photograph it!It's that kind of material that you can see your fingertips all over it and it's kind of mirrored,even though that it's all black and plastic!If you are a fellow blogger i guess you can tell the struggle,if not,there is no need to worry because it looks beautiful to stare at it anyways!

But let's move forward from that little moment of complaint to the actual reason that you and me and all of us we will buy this palette in the end of the day...The highlighters inside... 

It comes with three shade of highlighters!From the right to the left (if you look at the second photo) or from the top down (if you looks the last one with the swatches) first we have a beige,slightly pink shade,much less shimmery than the others two and personal favorite because it looks so natural on the skin but still gives that glow!
Next,in the middle we have a lighter in color shade,more cool and champagne toned and shimmery a well!I prefer to use it during afternoon or evenings as i'm afraid that if the sun hits on it will be too shimmery for preference!
Last but not least,we have a gold shade,shimmery as the previous one!To be honest,i didn't try out this shade yet!I think it's more summer appropriate,when you want the skin to look more blonze and sunkissed but still a really pretty shade,without being too much!
But now that i think about it will look really pretty,except from highlighter,as a shadow too,if you go for a soft,natural look but yet you want this little something something on the eyes!

What i like the most about those highlighters,as i mention above is that they are pretty wearable,because that's my biggest concern about that category of product,that i will end up looking like disco ball!Luckily,for all of us,with this palette that;s not the case at all!Blends easily and beautifully and the result is pretty natural! 

I apply it with a brush,and to be more specific the one that you see in the second photo by Real Techniques so i couldn't understand much about the texture!But then i used my finger for the swatches that you see above!
They are so buttery and powdery,even the shimmery shades,which always tend to be a little more chunkier than the others!Even though that they are soft you don't have much fall-out considering that it's a powdery product!

Overall,for this price tag i think that it's one of the best,if not the best,options you have!You get more than a high quality product,pigmented and nice texture!

Do you ever tried this highlighters before?What's your favorite one?

Keep Smile :)
xx Aphrodite

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