Monday, October 17, 2016

Colourpop Haul & Swatches

I always get excited with new makeup addition but the truth is that this specific order made my heart a little bit happier!
I'm sure that if you read blogs or watch youtube videos,you already pretty familiar with Colourpop!It's an American makeup brand,with high quality products in pretty affordable prices!
I heard so many raves about it and i wanted to get my hands on them for the longest time but what put me off was the shipping cost!Even though that they ship internationally,which is amazing,i think that the cost is around 25$!It's like you pay for a product,which will never end up in your hands!

But luckily,last month at some point Colourpop offered free international shipping for a limited time and what you see in this post is the outcome!
Because how to say no to free shipping?!
Let me tell you that i get a little bit overwhelmed,i wanted everything and it was such a hard decision what will end up in my cart!

First i pick up four Super Shock Shadows!
The amount of photos with swatches that i search for is insane!I kept scrolling and scrolling through them,searching for my ''perfect'' shades!

The shades that i end up with are not that unexpected as i had in my mind that i will go for at first!They are more classic and ''basic'' shades but for sure,at least personally,feel so autumnal and i'm excited to try different makeup looks with them!

La La ~ A shimmery,metallic shade!Not sure how to describe the color,kind of like a rose gold or like a dark beige with gold shimmers all over it!It will look beautiful all over the lid with matte darker brown on the crease!

Game Face ~ The word copper on the description on the site is the reason that i pick up this shade!It's exactly how they describe it!It has an extra metallic finish and a lot of shimmer!I think that it will look really nice in a cut crease look with a matte beige shade as a base!

Drift ~ I'm already in love with that shade!It's quite unusual and you can't find it easily in palettes or like a mono eyeshadow!It's a beautiful cranberry shade,with a shimmery finish instead of metallic like the previous ones!Because i love it so much,i will probably wear it all over the lid and on the outer corner i will pop up some black!

Mittens ~ Last but not least from the eyeshadows,i pick up a dark brown shade,which always come in handy!There is two things about it which make it kind of unique,at least for me!It's matte and has redish undertones!I think that it's such an easy shade that you can use it basically everywhere!

What is even a haul without some lipsticks?
Colourpop has a big variety of lip products,lots of different finishes,which make it hard to decide!
I end up buying some lippie stix as i thought that i will use them more than glosses!Plus they are matte,which is my favorite finishing for lip products!

I couldn't resist and i already wear two of them,so i guess you will have a bonus first impressions for them!
They are indeed completely matte but when you apply them,you feel them so soft and smooth on the lips!They last for a lot of hours and even though i ate and drunk they stayed in place perfectly!


Cami ~ Do you consider this shade as a nude?Because i definitely do!I'm not a big fan of nude lipsticks but fell in love with this one!It's for those kind of days that you don't want to wear anything bright,but still want a little something something on the lips!A pretty mauve pink shade,which feels sooo autumnal to me!

Bootie ~ It's the first lipstick that i own with this kind of shade!I was looking for a nice orange lipstick for so long and i finally found it!It's not too bright,not too dark,not brownish and i think it will look good in all skin colors!I completely agree with the description on the site,a true orange red shade!

Dukes ~ I wanted a shade that dark for the longest time!Fun fact that when my mum saw it,she says why somebody to want to wear a lipstick that dark and she doesn't like it all!But i really love it!Not sure though how often i will wear it since it's definitely a night time shade and i'm not going out really often or at all to be honest but we will see!It's a dark blackberry shade and i like that it goes more on the purple side rather than red,cos if you didn't notice already on my last post,i own quite enough of dark red lipsticks!

Trust Me ~ This shade already featured in my last post,about my favorite red lipsticks,a post which make me wonder why to even buy another one red lipstick!Like i don't own already too much of them!But i have an excuse for myself!On the site,they describe it as a true red shade,so i thought everybody need this kind of shade on their lives,am i right?
It is indeed a true red,i like it,even though that i tend to wear darker shades on that time of the year!It's a nice pop of color though,which will make you feel kind of happier!(yep,i'm that kind of girl who match her mood with her lipsticks)

Do you ever tried any product from Colourpop?What do i need to try out next?

Keep Smile :)
xx Aphrodite

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