Wednesday, November 16, 2016

My Favorite Eye Brushes by Real Techniques

It's already known that the right tools can make a big difference on how a makeup look will turn out!Ofcourse it's equally important to use them right but today we'll not focus on that,maybe in another post if you are interested!
Before about a month ago,i showed you my favorite brushes for the face and seems that you like it so today,it's about time to talk about eye brushes!All of them are part of the Starter Set by Real Techniques and here are the reasons why you need to try them...

Starting from the right to the left...

Accent Brush:Perfect as they said on the site for precision detailing, spotlighting, highlighting, and smudging!
I agree,it's the smallest brush with that shape that i've ever seen before!It's quite flat,round on the edge and it's perfect for every little detail that you want to work with or fix in your makeup!
What i use it for at the moment,is to apply the shadow in my lower lashline!I have a problem actually with that specific area and please let me know if you feel me on this!I think that don't suit me much of eyeshadow there,it kinda makes my eyes look heavy and tired!But this brush saved me because i can apply small amount of eyeshadow really close on my lashline!That way i achieve a balance on my eyes without all the heaviness!
Now i'm thinking about to try it for a cut crease look!It's tiny so maybe it will work to clean and fix the crease area in this kind of look!Ofcourse i will let you know if it will turn out okay,as it will be a miracle if i create a cut crease look by itself!

Base Shadow Brush:As the name says is for applying a smooth, flawless foundation of color on the eyelids!
Well,personally i don't use it that way!I tried it for my base shadow but i found it too fluffy for that area and with longer bristles than i wanted!The shape of it isn't flat or round,but more something in the middle,which doesn't help me to add and built up some color on the eyelids!
Instead i prefer to use it for blending the contour on my nose or even for highlighting my cheeckbones!
Now i realized that maybe wasn't a good idea to include this brush in this post as i don't use it for the eyes but in case you buy this brush set,now your know how i use this specific one!

Deluxe Crease Brush:I kept my favorite one for the end!What can i even say about this beauty!It's round,with lots of bristles and make the blending on the crease area so easy!This is what i use every time i do my makeup since i bought it!
Each eye has different size and shape but speaking about mine it has the perfect size,not too small or too big!I can go back and forth with it and my shadow,both matte and shimmery is blended like a dream!
The only bad thing is that you can't buy it by itself,out of the set!I'm loving it though so much that i'm considering to repurchase the whole set just for this brush!

Overall as i mention on my post about the face brushes by the same brand i'm really with them!The quality is very good,i washed them already so many times and still look and feel like brand new!They don't build the product inside (can you imagine what a nighmate that would be with all the shadows and shimmers) and i love the fact that even though they are that good,are still affordable!I highly recommend them to anyone who start now with the makeup or need some new brushes in general!
Also both of the sets that i bought (for face and for eyes) came in a beautiful case so they can be a beautiful christmas gift too!

I don't know if you notice that i didn't talk about how i apply my eyeshadows on my eyelids!
The truth is that i don't use anything special or fancy,it's just a brush from a local store with no brand name written on it so this is why i didn't include it in the photos and didn't talked much about it!
Also for my shimmery eyeshadows,i found out that works better for me to use those spongy kind of brushes,which usually included in the palettes!I think that way they are more pigmented and shimmery!

p,s I'm browsing right now the Boots site and has 3 for 2 offer on beauty accessories,like brushes,lashes,tweezers and those kind of things so if you are interested check them out *wink wink*

Did you try before any of those brushes?What's your favorite ones?Let me know in the comments below ^_^

Keep Smile :)
xx Aphrodite

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