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Review & Swatches : Makeup Revolution Ultra 32 Shade Eyeshadow Palette - Flawless

  My love for eyeshadow palettes i guess is well known by now and probably i didn't need another one in my collection but when i saw the Flawless Eyeshadow Palette by Makeup Revolution i just couldn't resist!I immediately fell in love with some of the shades and if you compare the price tag with what you get,we talk about a bargain...

I didn't try yet many products of this brand,just those shadows and the palette with the highlights,which i already wrote a review about it!I can tell you though that i'm impressed of how affordable all the products are with such a good quality at the same time!To be honext i didn't expect that at all!

I must admit that it took me a while to start writing this post mainly because i couldn't bring myself to do all the swatches,as this palette includes 32 eyeshadows!Yep,you read it well...32!
I wasn't sure how to tell you everything about it without be boring and make the post literally without ending so here is what i thought about it and how this post will kind of work out!
You will see photos with the swatches and i will talk a little about the shades,the color of them and which are my favorites!If you are not interested about it,feel free to scroll through as in the end i talk more about the packaging,the texture and if i really recommend this palette to you!

This is the first row of the palette!Except of the first shade,the Paper,which is matte all the others are shimmery but not too dramatic!Perfect for daytime look,if you want to add a little something something in the eyes!I use the Paper under my brow,to brighten it a little and blend nicely with all the other shadows on my eyes!

At first i worried a little as i thought that the lightest shades of the palette will not show off because of my skin tone but apparently you can see the swatch of every single shadow!My favorites from this row is the Highlite,a shimmery champagne shade,which i like to use it on the inner corners of my eyes!It helps them to look more awake and draw the attention without adding much in this area!Also i like the Unlimited and Brew,two shimmery brownish shades to use them all over my lid!I enjoy them even on daytime,despite the shimmer,as they give a warm,autumnal color on the eyes!

On the second row,the first shades are more neutral again but then there are some gorgeous golden shades!Love the Golden Light and the Gold Digger,similar shades with different amount of glitter on them!The Gold Digger is a beautiful shimmery gold shade but the Golden Light is a whole other level,it looks like foil!
The two swatches in the bottom as you can tell don't match with the palette and that's because of the shimmer on them!The Cheerless,i will say is a mauve brownish shade with lot's of purple shimmer on it!The Blue Stars is a black shade with tons of blue shimmer on it,probably that's why it looks like blue in the photo!

How beautiful is the third row?!
I really like every single shade on here!I enjoy the Smudge for all over my lid as a light matte brown shade always come in handy!
But let's be real,other shades are what attract your attention here and to be honest make me bought the whole palette!Yep,you 're right,the Copper Shipper and Medal!Both of them have this foil texture as i told you before for the other shade!The Copper Shipper is exactly what the name says,a gorgeous shimmer coppery shade and the Medal,is a warmer gold one!
The Black Tie on the other hand,even though it looks similar with the last eyeshadow on the previous row,in reality,they are not same at all!This one is a dark black one with silver,quite chunky,shimmer!

And finally we make it through the fourth row!If you're still with me,what can i say,you're just amazing!
In the photo it looks like the most colorful row out of all of them but if you see the palette in's not that obvious,like they put all the colors in the end!The eyeshadows are so put together in this palette that nothing seems like it doesn't belong there!I hope that made sense!
So what we have here!
There is a gorgeous dark,deep,matte brown shade,the Pure Chocolate (like what a name for an eyeshadow)!Keep going with the same theme,the Molton Chocolate,is another one shadow with this foil texture (is that even a thing?cos i keep using it so let me know if this is how you call it)!It's a dark,warm brown,which i don't know if this is true but seems a little bit of coppery as well to me!
Also there is two cranberry shades (Red Night and Burgandy Nights),which probably already know how much i love those kind of colors on the eyes and two more on the green side (Green Stars and Cafe Noir)!The difference between of them is that the Green Stars is a rich green shade with lots of shimmer and Cafe Noir is a khaki brownish shade with green shimmers on it!
Last but definitely not least,there is a matte black shade,the Night,always essential at my opinion in a palette!

Overall,i'm really impressed with the palette and let me tell you i use it all the time!I was even take it with me what i was away for a week,a couple of days before!

Packaging : When you see this palette closed you can't tell,at least i couldn't,that it has 32 eyeshadows inside!I love how they keep it small and used exactly the space that they needed!By that,i don't say that they shadows are small,i think it's a normal amount,considering the price tag,i guess that we can be more than happy with this!Bonus of this palette,the huge mirror inside it,as big as the top lid!
Other than that,it's black,sleek,mirrored,closing really well aka the beautiful packaging that we used to from Makeup Revolution!

Texture : I want to say that this palette has a mix of both matte and shimmer shades,which it's true but to be honest i feel that it's more on the shimmery side!I personally don't recommend it if you prefer matte shades,i think you will not make much use out of it!There is a matte version of it though if you're interested but the shades are quite different!

Pigmentation : I can't even tell you how impressed i'm with it in that department!I was skeptical at first,because you know,it' an affordable palette and well sometimes you really get what you pay for but here this is not the case at all!Even the lightest shades,which in most palettes i know that they are a waste cos they are never shown on my skin tone,you can really see them here,even in the photos!
I'm really really happy with it!

Colors : I guess you took a taste from the swatches above!There is a variety in shades,even though that there are so many!I think that it is a palette for every occasion and every hour of the day,which can stand by itself!There are both lighter and darker shades and a matte brown and black which always come in handy and complete the palette!Except from the brownish shades,you can find cranberry ones,more green,more blue which gives you lots and lots of options no matter your color combination preference!

And....those were everything i had to say about this palette!A long post but i hope that it wasn't boring,or at least not too much!I'm so excite to create lots of looks with this gem,especially some festive ones!So let me me know what you would like to see from me and i will be more than happy to create it!
At my opinion,this is the perfect time to get your hands on this palette if you are interest!Even if you are not a shimmer fan,i'm sure you will use it during holidays,cos you can't say no to a little more sparkle during Christmas and New Year's Eve!

Do you ever tried out this palette?What's your favorite product from this brand and what i need to try next?I will love to chit chat about it in the comments bellow ^_^

Keep Smile :)
xx Aphrodite

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