Tuesday, November 1, 2016

10+2 Ways To Deal With Sadness

 I wasn't sure if this is the right time to write this post,as for the longest time i'm not in the best mood!With ups and downs,the main feeling remain the same...sadness and loneliness!One of my goals for 2016 was to be more happy or if you ask me now,happy in general!
Surprisingly,the most of you have the same goal,not that this is weird,i guess all of us want to be happy but set it as goal was something that i didn't expected!I host a twitter chat last week and really surprised me that in my question about the goals most of the people there said that they want to be happy...

So there you go,those are all my ways to deal with my sadness...

Each person is different and things works different in each one of us!
I think or i wish to find something over here to help you because none deserve to feel sad!
Ofcourse i'm not talking about be sad because something happened!
I'm talking about this sadness which goes on and on for days,weeks,moths!
This kind of feeling that make you feel miserable,without energy,like really really sick,like you carry something heavy on your chest all the time!

I have been there,maybe i'm still in this same spot but i decided to deal with it!Let's try it together...I have a feeling that we will made it...

1 . Give some time to yourself! I said that we should deal with it but before you should feel ready to do it!It's not bad to give yourself some time,cry,pity yourself...it's all okay!Don't feel guilt about it!
In all things and situations,in life in general i believe that sometimes we need to go down,like deep down in the bottom in order to find the strength to go up again!
Last week,i thought that i was sick,like i had fever,no energy at all and spent days in bed...Guess what...Everything was perfect with my health as the doctors said!But that's okay,i took my time and i feel better! (don't ask for tomorrow cos i don't have idea)

2 . Why are you feeling sad? Sometimes we think we know why we're sad but in reality if we dig deep inside us the reasons are different!As i said before give that time to yourself,take some deep breaths and try to find the real reasons for your sadness!They could be silly,they could be serious...It is what it is!It will be amazing if you can solve and deal with those things but even if you don't,just ignore them and start look after yourself!
This is my plan at least!I tried to deal with them but not much luck,so i'll just leave them,hung there with no idea for their future!

3 . Talk to someone! This is something that maybe don't work for everybody!I know for sure that doesn't for me!If i'm mad or angry a lot,probably i will talk to someone but i can't fully open my heart and lay all my ''problems'' out!
But still,recognize that talking to someone can be helpful!Maybe someone else can give you the solution that you are looking for!
There have been days where i was looking for someone to talk,i needed to and couldn't find anyone!
I want to make you sure that i'll always be here for you,if you want to talk!I'm not there,physically,but i'll gladly hear you and if i can help that will be amazing!So please don't think twice if you need to talk to drop me an email or pop up on twitter <3

4 . Write your thoughts down! As i told you i'm not really a ''talk'' kind of person and this specific period of time i don't feel like i have someone to!I much prefer to write down all my thoughts,especially over here!I don't mind that others will read them as i never felt that someone will judge me for them!So if you don't already,try to write all your thoughts down,no matter where!A random piece of paper will do the job!I think it helps to clear our minds and see things in their true size!

5 . When was the last time that you were happy? Go back to that day!Maybe it feels like you were always sad or that your last happy day was ages ago but it's not true!Try to remember what you did,maybe it was a nice walk,a hobby...try to find that little something that made you feel happy and excited and do it again!

6 . Take action!! Okay,you're not in the mood for nothing except hiding under your blankets!I get it and i know how hard is to resist in that but you should do it!You already gave yourself time,laid there like there's no tomorrow but let me tell you...There is tomorrow and is in your hand to make it fabulous!Now it's the time to shoush this little voice in your head and just go out!You can go for a walk,for run,to the gym (you can't believe it but exercise can make you somehow feel happier!I'm considering to drag myself to the gym one of those days)
Not an athletic person?Try something new,a new hobby,a hobby that you used to love...just do something!Something for YOU!

7 . Time for make over! Yep,i'm one of those people that little changes in my appearance can uplifting my mood!If you're like that too this is the perfect time to do it!You will feel fresh and ready to go out there and amaze the crowd!You can buy new clothes,revamp your old ones ( maybe a new hobby arise over here? *wink wink*),little changes on your makeup routine,cut your hair,paint your nails in an unusual for you color!Spice things up!

8 . Add some color! This is similar to the previous one but adding some color can uplift your mood!I understand that you like black and grey,especially now that it's winter but let's face it,if you feel down and sad black can't bring the happiness!Maybe a bright lipstick,some color on your clothes or nails can do the trick!Now if you are in for more drastic moves,you can paint your room or add some prints on your wall in bright colors!You can even add some flowers,fake or real at some corner in your room!

9 . Meditation! I can't even tell you how much it helps me this year!I don't really know much about it,so you probably need to do some further research!I don't even know if i do the whole thing right!First time i used it cos i had and still have troubles with my sleep!I just type on  youtube "meditate for sleep" and a bunch of options pop up!Instead of "sleep" you can type whatever you need to work on!Concentrate in the sounds,breath and basically this is all i do!

10 . Comfort yourself! It's time to look after yourself! If you don't do it then who will?Take a warm bath,read a book,make some tea or whatever you feel like!Personally,i like to pamper myself!Take my time on the shower,use a mask,lit some candles,apply my creams!Oh what a delight!Now i need a pamper session and i feel that's my night sort it!

11 . Coins have two sides! As cliche as it will sounds for every negative side of a situation there is always a positive one!Find it a focus on that!I know that life is not all smiles and rainbows and i see people criticize all this positivity enthusiasm but lemme ask you!
What will you gain if you focus on the bad,negative side?Absolutely nothing!
So yeah,i will keep being this annoying person who point on you the bright side of things and see the glass half full!

12 . Fake it till you make it! Even if all the others fall apart or if you don't fancy trying any of them,you can always follow this golden ''tip''!It fits literally with anything !
Until you make it,fake it!Smile and act like you're happy!At the beginning,it will feel weird but you will get use to it!It's like you cheat yourself and your mind!
Try to stand in front of a mirror and smile!At this moment,it is biased but after a while you will realize that your mood slightly change and the smile that you see in front of you is real :)

And yep,yep...That's finally the end of this post!
If you make it till those words,i don't even know what to tell you!
Thank you for your time!You are really a little twinkle star xx

Do you ever tried any of these ways?How you deal with sadness?Love to read all your ways in the comments below ^_^

Keep Smile :)
xx Aphrodite

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