Wednesday, January 14, 2015

My Favorite 5 Red Lipsticks

favorite red lipsticks bubblybeauty135
Hello Everyone ^_^
How are you?

I always was a huge fan of bold lips!I still am obviously and as i look through my lipsticks to see which of them i will show you in this post i realized two things.I don't have any nude lipstick (actually i have one but i never used it) and i have too much red lipsticks.I never realized before and it's funny because it's similar...similar shades, i guess that i will probably not buy any other red lipstick for really long time.

About the post i tried to pick lipsticks with different textures and shades of red.

favred lipsticks swatches bubblybeauty135

I just realize that 3 out of 5 is by KORRES but whatever.Let's start with the twist lipsticks which are my favorites.So easy and quick to apply,hydrate the lips and its long lasting,the color stay in the lips,something like stain.I love two shades of them.Seductive,a dark color with purple-y undertones,It's perfect for a night out,you can just put this on your lips,some eyeliner and you are ready to go.On the other hand,passion shade its a bright red color and although it's vibrant i like to wear it everyday.It looks so fun and happy and positive,so i can't say no.
The next one by KORRES it's guava lipstick in the shade 58 wine red . A brownish red color,not so vibrant,the color seems more ''serious'' to me and you can wear it from day to night.I like it because although it's matte doesn't dry out the lips and also it's long lasting,no matter if you eat or drink something.
Next it's a lipstick by L'oreal from the line Color Riche in the shade Intense Ruby
I'm not sure if it's still available because i have it for sooo long time,but its a very nice,ruby color with pink undertones and matte finish.For sure it's a little bit fancier because has a little bit of pink shimmer on it,but not too dramatic,just a little bit of sparkliness.
               Last but not least the COLORdrama lip pencil in the shade 510 Red Essential by Maybelline (i will add link when i will find one).It's amazing.I just love it.It's a dark red with slightly brown undertones,super matte but not too dry (if you have dry lips it's possible to need a chopstick before you apply it).It's 2 in 1 product,pencil + lipstick,and for this reason make your lips look full and nice.

Do you ever try any of this?Do you plan to do it now?Do you want maybe a full review in any of this?I will be more than happy to read all your opinions in the comments below <3

Keep Smile :)
xx Aphrodite

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