Tuesday, January 6, 2015

My New Year's Resolutions

Motivation for the new year
new year's resolutions bubblybeauty135
Helloooo ^_^
Happy New Year Everyone ! I hope that all of you have an amazing time during the holidays and take a good rest for the whole year that we have ahead.

Maybe it's a little bit late for this post because already 5 days of the new year gone but i think about it and except that late it's better than never,always it's the right time for changes. For this reason i didn't wanted to call this post New Year's resolutions.I feel that it's not so much resolutions but things that i think about for a long time and i just decide that enough it's enough and it's time to make them happen.

As the quote above say don't try to find things to change because of the new year.If you really want and you are ready for changes i think that will happen no matter what time of the year it is.Also i believe that when we decide to change something in our lives even something so small that seems unimportant to the others,we should do it because we want to make our lives better and us happier.

In the other hand,as i was reading similar posts about new year's resolutions ,i was thinking that this can be stressful for some people.The stress that New Year is here and we must change something.But the truth is that there are some people that are happy with their lives and don't need to change anything.And this is wonderful.If you are one of them i'm so happy for you and i think that you should show this happiness and enjoy it.Because sometimes i feel happy and at the same time a little bit guilty because someone other not.

So this was my thoughts and about the changes that i was thinking about it :
  • Be more organized,not only my room but also my life in general
  • Talking for organization,it's time to use a planner (because i really never did before )
  • Try to be more on time,on dates or even with deadlines
  • Make more things and focus on things that makes ME happy
  • Work out a little bit more (now i don't work out at all :P ) and eat more healthy 
  • Be less procrastinating
I hope that i will make some of them and if not,we have always the next year ^_~

I will love to read your thoughts and what do you want to change,if there is something :)

Keep Smile :)
xx Aphrodite

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