Thursday, January 22, 2015

What's in my makeup bag?

whats in my makeup bag bubblybeauty
Hello Sunshines ^-^
How are you?

Today i will show what i have in my makeup bag,which i have always in my bag.So i have it everyday,all the time with me.Before some days i show you what's in my bag ( in case you miss it you can read it here ) and you show a little bit of interest about my makeup bag so here it is.

whats in my makeup bag bubblybeauty

It's a fabric bag as you can see,pink and grey.Korres very often make packages and put together some products,makeup or skincare.They can be in like plastic bags or in boxes and once (at least i didn't see it around again ) it was in this bag.It was before quite long time so i don't know if you will find it somewhere now.

Inside of the bag...

whats in my makeup bag_bubblybeauty135

First i want to tell you that in this bag i like to carry my ''woman stuff'' you know but i find it unnecessary to show it in this post.
I always carry with me tons of bobby pins,which always missing for some reason and hair elastic.A nail polish...for no reason i guess,because i don't even paint my nails anymore because of the work.
My favorite powder,you can find my full review for this here.I use to be all the day out of the house  and my face tend to be a little bit oily at some point of the day so this powder always come in handy.Oh , also inside has something like a sponge which you can actually use it to apply the product when you are on the go.Next i have my eyeliner from KORRES ( i plan a full review on this because it's my favorite) . Sometimes i have somewhere to go after work for example , so i like to use it to look more...''get ready'',if you know what i mean.Basically from this reason i have and all the other products.
I like to carry with me a blush and this one it's a cream blush so it's more easy to apply it when you are on the go.The other product that you see in the bottom,it's a sample mascara,it's the Hypnose by Lancome.I'm impressed and for sure i will buy the full size.
Last but not least,i always need to have with me lipsticks,one more pink and one dark red.Because you know it's good to have options and to can pick if you're in a red or pink mood.I love both of them and because they came in this pencil like shape,first you don't need to keep with you extra pencil for your lips and second i find that i can apply it quicker and be more precise.

So these are the stuffs that you will find in my makeup bag if you take a look inside ^_^

What is your makeup bag essential?Will you like a full review in any of these products?I will be more than happy to read all your opinions in the comments below...

Hope you like it
Keep Smile :)


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