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5 Ways To Restart Your Mind

restart your mind tips
Hello Sunshines ^_^
How are you today??

I hope that all of you are great but if not...It's okay.
All of us we have those days that we just can't do anything,we feel uninspired,unmotivated and just too overwhelmed.And it's okay because without those days  we will never be thankful for good and happy ones.
So days like that i try to take a deep breath,well maybe a lot and let myself take a break,for as much time as i can each time.Try to relax,restart my mind and just start all over again.
Here is my 5 easy ways to restart your mind and get ready again to rule the world.

1 . Read a book

restart you mind tips

I always like to let myself enjoy a good book.I feel like i travel,like i pause the time just for a little.Reading help the mind create images to fill the stories.This can work like a distraction from all the things that stress you out.

2 . Play some ''mind games''

restart you mind tips

Games like quiz,crossword,sudoku and others like those,help you train your memory,your observation,your creativity.All these lead you to train your mind,to make you move those muscles and make them work again with the right way.

3. Enough Sleep

restart you mind tips

Yes,we have so much stuff to do,a full to - do list but let's admit it.A lot of those stuffs can wait for next day too.Think about you mind like a phone battery,the less you charge it,the quicker will be off again.Give the time to your mind to charge,to relax...just give it a break.For me personally i see that this ''myth'' about 8h sleep really work and i feel that give me enough energy to start my day right.

4 . Work out

restart your mind tips

This is something that i should work on that because i'm one of those people that i don't enjoy to work out,i don't like it at all but i admit that when i do it,my body and my mind thank me.I feel more energetic and more ready to do what i have to do.Lately,i try to use everyday or like every other day the app ''Seven'',have an icon with the number 7 on it and basically is a 7minutes workout.Sounds like nothing but trust me,it's 7 intense minutes.

5 . Eat Right

restart you mind tips

Exactly that.Food is the fuel for your body,so must be a ''good quality'' fuel.Probably you already notice the difference in your body,in your mind and general in you when you eat a little bit more vegetables and fruits.I still work on that and i can't tell you,oh eat this amount of fruits and this amount of vegetables because i know that i don't.But even if you add a little bit more of that in your meals,it's something guys...It's a difference.And don't forget the water,drink as much as you can.About that,the only thing that really help me was one of those quite big plastic cups with the straw.I have it always full and always with me.You will drink more water without even notice it.

Whoa...This was a big post.Thank you if you made it through the end !

I hope that it was at least kind of helpfull. I still work on all of this.
And i just wanted to tell you again that it's fine if you are not okay one day,even two or three and also it's more ok if you don't want to do any of this above and just want to stay in bed doing nothing !

Do you have any other tips?What do you like to do when you have one of those days?I will be more than happy to read all your opinions in the comments bellow ^_^

Hope you like it
Keep Smile :)



  1. This was such a nice post.. will definitly be coming back to this at some point1 I really liked the mind games tip, as I used to always do sudoku when I was younger. I must try and get back into that!

    I nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award over on my blog!

    1. I'm happy that you find it helpfull and you like it ! I used to do sudoku too but i'm not sure if i will be able to solve them now...Thank you so much for the nomination ^_^

  2. I like to sit down this a nice cup of tea and a good book, that usually helps me!!
    Katherine | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  3. Great tips! I find getting outside and having a cuddle with my boyfriend or cat are great ways to recharge too.
    Brianna ||

    1. So true...I especially love to walking near the sea ^_^


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