Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Autumn Tag

Autumn Tag | bubblybeauty135
Hello Sunshines ^_^
How are you?

Today the weather is much more chillier that other days so i thought that it's perfect day to do this autumn tag,and chit chat with you about this lovely season!!What do you like to do,how you like to spent your time and all those fun things...

Before we started i want to thanks the lovely Aarti from for tagging me!!

So now let's get started with the tag...

1. Favorite Thing About Autumn?
I love the chilly weather, the candles, the fashion and the makeup,which is gorgeous this season!

2. Favorite Autumn Drink?
Hot chocolate or hot coffee..but i think that i will go better with the hot coffee!

3. Favorite Autumn Candle?
I don't have anything in particular right now on my mind,but i love any scent with vanilla on it!Feel free to let me know in the comments if you have any recommendations!

4. Favorite Autumn Snack?
Surprisingly i will not say pumpkin because here in Greece we don't use it so much.So my favorite is apples and pomegranate....oh and chocolate ofcourse,but i guess this is my favorite all year long!!

5. Favorite Autumn Lipstick?
The darker the better!I love dark vampy lips during Autumn.

6. Go to Autumn Moisturizer?
I love my night creams because if my skin feels dry i use them even in the morning!

7. Favorite Make Up Look?
As i told you before i love dark makeup for this season!So i will go either with dark smokey eyes,maybe some burgundy/deep purple eyeshadow (i'm obsessed lately with this color) or i will go with simple eyes,eyeliner and dark,really dark lips !!What is yours? 

8. Favorite Music This Time Of The Year?
I prefer soft music...relaxing and cozy!!If this is even make sense haha 
What is your favorite song?

9. Favorite Autumn Movie?
Anything romantic!I love to cuddle up with a blanket and watching movies with big loves and maybe cry a little bit haha

10. Favorite Item Or Clothing?
When i think about Autumn,first things that come in my mind,clothing wise is tights,big scarfs,big sweaters,plaid button downs!

11. Favorite Place to Be?
Either in my couch with a blanket or in a cozy cafe with friends drinking hot chocolate or coffee and chit chat !! (now that i picture it i miss them even more :( )

12. Favorite Halloween Costumes? 
My favorite costumes are the one that i wore last year,black swan/dark ballerina and mime !Turned out so well that i love them!!

That's it!!That was the tag...I hope that you like and enjoy it because now it's YOUR turn to do it!!
I tag all of YOU who read this right now to do it or at least let me know your answers on the comments below.
Make sure to let me know if you do the tag because i will love to know what you will reply ^_^

Hope you enjoy it
Keep Smile :)

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