Friday, October 9, 2015

Beautiful Skin While You Sleep (Night Cream/Masks)

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Hello Sunshines ^_^
How are you?

 There is days that you are too busy,with work,university and life in general that there is just not enough time - and energy,if we want to be real - to treat your skin as good as you want.For example there is weeks and weeks that i want to just sit down on night and apply a mask and i just can't.I just want something quick and easy and go to sleep!!

If you are like me then keep reading because maybe those products are for you...

Today we will talk about three products,which are like cream and mask in one product.Basically those products offer the hydration of a mask in your skin but the consistency and everything else are like a normal night cream.I will choose three products,which are different,on price and slightly on texture...

night cream masks_bubblybeauty135

Drops Of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask by The Body Shop : This mask is exactly what the name says...bouncy.It has a weird texture,like jelly but you need only a little bit for your whole face,so be careful ladies.After you apply it,you will feel your skin a little bit of sticky but don't worry because the best part coming when you wake up the next morning.You can see that your skin is hydrate and feel more...relaxed!!Maybe if you have dry skin you will need to apply a little bit more product in order to make it work for you.The package is very beautiful for your vanity,green,glass packaging but not travel friendly.I find it quite heavy,big and easy to be broken because of the glass.But it's not that i'm always on a plane,so no big deal for me!!

Wild Rose Advanced Repair Sleeping Facial by KORRES : First i want to mention that i think that there is now a new version of this product or they just added in the title that there is Vitamin C inside,i don't really know.About this one,has a velvety texture,it's heavier that the previous one,and you can feel at first that you applied something on your face.In the morning,i wake up with a hydrate skin but slightly more shiny,in comparison with the times that i used the previous product.Again,the packaging it's not travel friendly because its in glass container and this make it heavy,but the size is smaller that the other.

Miracle Sleeping Cream by Garnier : Last but not least,this is probably one of my favorite,at least at the moment!!This is an anti-ageing product,but i can tell if it works on this department.But i can tell for sure that if you have dry skin,this is the product for you,you should try it.Around in the end of September,my skin for some reason dried out so much,and this product was my hero.It has a lightweight texture,which make it fells light on the skin too.Once again,you wake up with a moisturized skin and smooth.Surprise surprise,you can pack it on your suitcase.It's lightweight and in a plastic jar,so no need to worry about anything.

Do you ever tried out any of these products?What is your favorite night cream?Let me know in the comments below ^_^

p.s If you have any request or any good idea about next posts please let me know!!

Hope you like it
Keep Smile :)

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