Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Motivational Monday #20 : Alternative way to deal with sadness

Ways To Deal With Sadness ~ bubblybeauty135
Hello Sunshines ^_^
How are you??

Maybe from the title this post sounds like a cliche one and probably i talked again about this subject before but you are wrong!Today i will talk to you about how you can deal with sadness and bad times on general form a new perspective!!The most of the times the advice that i give and take for dealing with sad stuffs is to focus on the positive side of the life.Just forget about bad times,ignore them and just focus on the good ones.And this is a really good advice but...

I can't understand that this can't work for everyone because they are not everyone fun of positivity or they aren't in this mood at the moment.Even me,that i love to do positive thoughts and this is my way to deal with things,there is times that i just can't see this light,the positive light and there is zero positive thoughts on my head...

Ways To Deal With Sadness ~ bubblybeauty135

So instead of ignore the problems and sadness,today i suggest you to face them and deal with them.Give some time to yourself and your mind to process them.Whatever happened happened and no tears or positive thoughts can change that.So as the quote said above,the only choice that you have is to accept things and move on.

Ways To Deal With Sadness ~ bubblybeauty135

There are times,that it's so hard for us to deal with,so we prefer to go around of the problem and pretend that never exist,instead of going though them and get done.The second option,i'm not gonna lie it's more hard,more painful and it takes more time but if you stay strong,you will be done with any problem,once and for all.If you pick the first option,probably you will be okay for a certain amount of time but the problems will be still thee,hiding in the corners and waiting the right time to make their appearance and bring back the sadness.

Ways To Deal With Sadness ~ bubblybeauty135

And at the end of the day,what if you failed?What if WE failed?It doesn't matter!!Because nobody is perfect.We are all human being,with all our flaws.And we have our bad days,our bad times and we cry...This is how we are,all of us and i promise you that if you are going through something bad right now,there is tons of people out there who are in the same situation like you.
And maybe doesn't seems like that but they are not successful those who hiding their pain too well until you wonder if exist at all!!Successful are the ones who deal with their problems and their failures and move on...for greater and better times!!

How you deal with sadness and bad times?Do you choose positivity or reality?Let talk about it on the comments below ^_^

Hope you enjoy it
Keep Smile :)

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