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I'm officially 25!! | Thoughts and 25 things about me

Hello Sunshines ^_^

How are you?I really hope that you have a fab day!

I guess you can already tell from the title but is my birthday!!!
woo hoo

I'm 25?!

I'm officially 25!!

As i type those words and numbers i have mixed feelings!

Ofcourse i'm happy,because everybody is happy during birthdays in general!

But that specific one,that i turn 25,always was a scary day in my mind!And still is to be honest!
Today is quite a scary day for me!

It will sounds crazy,because that's how it sounds to people in my real life when i tried to explain my thoughts and feelings about that specific point of my life!

Since i was in school,i thinking about the time that i will turn 25 and it was completely different of how my life is right now!
I guess little do we know when we are that young,how our life will turn out!

Until to be 25 years old,i wanted to graduate uni,found my dream job (no idea what job exactly,but for sure a dreamy one) and along with that my love of my life!

And somewhere here depression and sadness knock the door,because i'm not even close to that young ''goals'' of mine!

Still in uni,still no idea what my dream job is or what i want to do in general with that department of my life and guess what?
My prince still didn't found his way!

*deep breaths* *inhale exhale*

My eyes already start feeling watery!It sounds dramatic but it's just because i had so many dreams and plans about the time that i will turn 25!
I was one of those person among my friends,that since i turned 20 i was like,i have 5 years to achieve all those things...again little did i knew...

But as always,or at least i try most of the times...I want to focus in positive things...

Because i'm not gonna lie,all those 25 years life was good to me,with ups and downs but still good ones!

So here it is 25 random things,facts about me,memories,things i learned and just things that made me who i am today...the highlights let's say so far...

...of an all grown up 25 years old person...

1. I always wanted a sister!I didn't get it so for that reason i made my brother (4 years younger than me) play with dolls together and all those kitchen little things!

2. I was the only child for 4 years and that says a lot i guess!I was quite pushy and demanding and i wasn't accepting the ''no'' easily!

3. Since i remember myself i was always a creative type of child and character!I always tried all those diy for little kids that the TV shows back then,i was drawing and i loved to create things with the 'play doh'' type of thing that we had back in years!

4. When i was around 12 i changed schools and i didn't like it!The environment was completely different from my previous one!The kids were mean,the girls had a bad attitude and overall wasn't a good time!
My character change completely!My first months there,i closed to myself so much,kids make fun of me because i was quite chubby and sometimes even because i was nice and kind!
But then,slowly i turned my character and was look like them!I was sooo mean to others,i start using bad words,,,it was a nightmare!
I was a nightmare!
Still feel guilty about that time!

5. After that incident,hopefully i found my mind and never look back to that side of me!From that years,proudly enough and without bragging,i'm telling you that i didn't swear again and never ever been mean to anyone!Even when people laughed at me,i never had again that bad attitude!
If i didn't have anything nice to say i stayed silence!
(yep,there was a lot of ''silent'' moments)

6. Random fact, i afraid dogs so much!I don't know why,but if one of them come close to me i can even pass out...yes,that much!
I know,it's crazy but i can't do anything about it!

7. Let's keep it a secret,but in order to avoid weird looks from my above statement in real life,i said to strangers or people that i just met that i'm allergic to dogs!
You may not believe it,but people can be really rude if you afraid dogs,and not just their dogs,just in general!

8. Speaking of animals,my first pet was a yellow canary!His name was Robbie and i love it so much!It sang all the time,clearly and loudly!

9. I'm not sure if i even mention it but i have 3 younger brothers...So lovely times,i can't even describe you (this was a sarcastic note -_-)

10. I totally believe that two people,who never met in real can have a somehow connection just by chatting on internet!
My friends looked me like a weirdo when i mention it once but this is how i feel!

I will love to know what you think about it,let's talk about it in the comments!

11. This is the first time that i will ever share it with somebody except myself!
But back in time,around 15 years old,i found one of those gaming/chatting sites where you create a little person and you can play games and chat with others!
I was obsessed!!

12. I had the best time!I met some really lovely people!
I found that place when i really need it!
I had this quote in mind which says something like doesn't matter how you look but your personality so i just wanted to check that!
How things will work out with people if they never see me before!
Guess what?Things went more than perfect and since then i get back my confidence!

13. Funny enough and as childish as it will sound,maybe there i met my first crush!
Okay,i'm a hopeless romantic but still,he was such a sweet person and helped me so much that i will always be thankful!
He lived in different country,so we had different times but always left cute messages to each other and songs!
Cheesy warning...we even had our song!

Ahh such lovely times but let's move on... haha

14. Another random fact, i cry too easily!
It's ridiculous!
I cry so easily either from happiness or sadness!

15. As i told before i'm a hopeless romantic!
I want to find one day the big love,someone who will treat me nice,who will make me feel the butterflies and even crying from happiness!
Because yes,the crying part it's not too difficult as i told you!

16. I'm not the most brave person!
Actually.there is times that i have so many fears that i wonder how i survive all those 25 years and other times that i stupidly don't think about the danger!
What can i say...

17. Another one weirdness,even though i have a sweet tooth i don't really like cakes and most of the times i pass it!

18. But i love chocolate!I can eat too much but because it makes my acne worse i try to cut it or minimize the amount!

19. I kind of believe in zodiac signs!
I'm Cancer,but because i was born in the last day of the zodiac i believe that Leo affect me too!
What's your zodiac sign?Do you believe them?

oh a funny one...

20. For some reason when i was younger (school years) i wanted to persuade myself and others that i'm an athletic person!I tried out so many sports,like literally so many but not much of success!
I was going in the classes for one year,i didn't like it and moved forward to the next one!

21. The only exception was the swimming!I was in a swim team for 6 years!
I even win 3 excited is that! (Well not really,because they wasn't big competitions but still was big deal for me)!
I quit because the coach was too pushy and i wasn't really competitive!I just enjoy swimming!
Also the longer i stayed,the harder i needed to train so i said no no,that's not for me...too much tiredness and exercise!

And now 4 things that i learned so far... 

22. No matter what you will do or what you will say,someone will judge you or will let you down in the way!
Just you do you,do things and act in a way that you are proud of yourself because the biggest disappointment and the worst judgement comes from ourselves!
If that makes sense...

23. Don't stay somewhere out of fear or because you think that you don't deserve more or just because you think that you can have more!
Let me tell you that you deserve so much more and you can have it!
If you don't feel good somewhere (work,relationship etc.) or CONFIDENT enough then just leave!
Every new beginning is hard and scary but worth it so much!

24. Proudly enough,once again,looking back i don't regret for anything!
Yes,maybe some situations i could handle them better but i learn through them
Bad or good moments,rights or mistakes,i'm thankful for all of them! 

25. My biggest highlight of all those years,with the hand on my heart,is this lil blog!
It gives me exactly what i ever wanted it!
An opportunity to talk to different people,who will not judge me of what i really like to do!
A place to share my thoughts and make my voice somehow valuable!
And last but not least,a place to share my creativity!

Maybe it will sound weird,dramatic or cheesy, but it feels like it totally completes me!
Like you know,when we fill like we have a little gap in our heart,like something is missing?

My lil blog,this little space on the internet and ofcourse all of you,who read my blog,leave me sweet comments,talk with me on twitter or instagram or just make me laugh by myself with your tweets...fill that little gap...

Make my days and my lil heart brighter and happier...

Thank you so much for that!Thank you for sticking with me and my blog this year and...
Thank you for making this day even more special!
Love and appreciate each one of you really much <3

Take care!
Keep Smile :)
xx Aphrodite


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