Wednesday, July 27, 2016

My New Bag & Bag Essentials

Hello Sunshines ^_^

I introduce you my new love!!
Yep i'm in love,the color,the style and can you guess...the little kitty ears on the top,everything looks so cute!! 

I use to dress up quite plain without too much going on but i really like to pop up a pretty,unusual bag or a pair of shoes!

So when StyleWe contact me,the first thing that i did was to check their bags and as you can tell i fell in love!
I couldn't decide what to pick because everything was so pretty and i just wanted them all!

To be honest,that was the first time that i ever heard about that site so if you never heard about them too let me tell you one or two things!

StyleWe is an online fashion shopping platform where you can find clothes and handbags from different independent fashion designers from all over the world!
What i noticed in that site and what i really liked is that because there are different designers you can find a variety of styles,so everyone can find what works best for them!

You can see it in some photos below too but this bag is by Oscar from Just Star!
Let me tell you that his handbags are adorable and no kidding,i want all of them!
They have all the same vibes as the one that i picked,playful and fun but at the same time without looking childish or something!
I opened in different tabs all the bags that i liked the most and all of them was by him!
So this is why i mention it,so make sure to check him out and ofcourse all the other designers there!

But let's move on with the bag and read till the end to find out some of my essentials that i must to have and carry with me in every single bag...

This is how it looks from the back!
It's plain,without the birds that you can see in the front!The color is a deep green one!
I like the little detail with the small flower and the pocket,which has a pretty decent size!
Definitely fit some money if you want or your phone,or maybe even some snacks!

I wanted to show you some details of the bag because it really surprised me of how good is the quality!So well made!

In the front it closes with a strong magnet and from the outside has this really cute green bee (maybe this is one of the reason that i pick this bag,just sayin)

If you open it,you can see in the front area and on the sides those little birds,which i worried that they could be stamp and they could be ruin but nope!
They are in the leather,so no worries for that!
Also in the front,in the place that there is the closure,it has another one pocket,almost in the same size with the one in the back!

Because pockets in a bag never is enough,right?

In the third photo,it's a closer look on the back again!How cute are those ears!
I can't get over them!

But in a bag except of the outside which ofcourse it's important,it really matters how it is from the inside too!
Mainly because this is where you will store your things and that it will make it in the end of the day useful!

On the inside it has a polka dots fabric!Do i need to say more?
Polka dots are my favs!

Even though that it's a small bag,you can fit inside the basics that you need to keep on you around!
If you think about it,this size of bags save us from clutter!
I don't know about you,but personally if i have room in my bag i will find something for sure to fill it!

In the first photo,is the one side of the bag,the front one,where is a pocket!The width of it is a little bit smaller that an iphone,but still it's deep enough so you can still use it for your phone!

In the second photo,it's the other side,where there is surprise surprise another one pocket but it closes with a zipper!The size is almost like the previous one,just maybe a little bit deeper!

After my fully detailed,i think,description of the bag maybe you wonder what i carried with it around!
I personally always wonder what people have in their bags!I hope that doesn't sound too weird or creepy haha

I will not go into much details and too classics,as my wallet,phone,keys and those kind of things!
I already did in the past a post about it though if you want to check it out!

For now i will focus on the things that are still essentials for me but maybe not for everybody,if that makes sense!

First things first,i need to carry with me,a packet of those wet napkins (not sure how exactly they called)!
If my bag is bigger i carried a bigger packet with much more pieces inside but in this specific bag it doesn't fit well!
For that reason i throw inside one of those packets with just one napkin inside!(is that square with the quote on it,gift from a local store with purchases)

Next,again hands related,i need to have with me a hand cream!
You can't even imagine the amount of hand cream i use!
Well maybe not so much now,during summer but on winter,i'm going crazy!
Because of that,i found the packages of hand creams quite small so i started to use the small packages or body butters from The Body Shop!
They are so moisturizing and have so lovely scents!
The one in the photo is the Vanilla Brulle,such a sweet scent!

I guess this happening to all of us!I need to have at least one lipstick in my bag!
Barely even use any of them but still,you never know when you will need it!
The one in the photo is by MAC in the shade Brick - O - La!Perfect shade for everyday use!

I always carry with my hair ties as most of the times i don't want my hair all over me!Too hot weather for loose hairstyle!

And last but not least,i start carry with me tweezers because sometimes i don't shave myself perfectly and i can't stand this little piece of hair that always stay unshaved!
Or maybe i see that my eyebrows are so not good,so you know...they come in handy!
Aren't those so beautiful?You can really tell the color but is metallic pink!I bought them from H&M!
If you follow me on Insta i'm sure that you will spotted at some point!

What's your bag essentials?Do you like my bag?Let me know in the comments bellow ^_^

*The bag kindly enough sent it to me by StyleWe!Links are not affiliate!
All the opinions are mine and 100% honest!

Keep Smile :)
xx Aphrodite 

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