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My Korres Favorites

Hello Sunshines ^_^

June,was the month that Korres celebrate the 20th anniversary!
I know,i'm quite late but i saw it the last day of month and until to be ready to post it,it took a while!

But better late than never!

Korres is  a Greek brand,which use natural ingredients and all the products doesn't have parabens,mineral oils and all those things,so it's safer and more gentle to the skin,especially if you have sensitive one!

Nowadays,you can find pretty much everything by Korres,from skincare to makeup,to shampoo and shower gels to fragrances!They always create something new that i can't help myself from buying it!

What i really love is that,even though that it starts from Greece you can find their products all over the world,both to dedicate stores or online!

So today,i will talk to you about some off my all time favorites from Korres!
It's quite a long one so grab a cup of tea or coffee and join me....

Let's start with the skincare...

A rich,quite heavy,but in a good way,cream,which moisturize the skin deeply during the night and make it feel more smooth and softer!It's 95% natural content and among others ingredients it has wild rose oil,vitamin C and hyaluronic acid!

I really like it,because it helps my skin look fresher and more bright the next morning!
I recommend it to you,for lazy days or if you just don't want to spent hours in your skin or apply a mask but you want the same results with less work and time!
Little note,that this has quite a strong smell of roses!I don't mind,but i'm telling you in case you do!

An eye cream,which aim to reduce the fine lines and dark circles!
It's in the same line with the previous product so the consistency is up and down the same!It seems quite heavy for the under eye area but trust me it's not!
It's 81,5% natural content and among others contains wild rose oil,ruscus and yeast!

I will be honest with you and i will admit that i didn't use for the longest time for unknown reasons!
One day i apply it,without thinking about it much and after hours while i was in front of a mirror i notice that my eyes were different!More relaxed and awake,quite more bright,it really looks like i had a nice long sleep time (which i don't)!
So since then,i fell in love with it and i highly recommend it!
(oh also it has SPF 15,which is always a plus)

A shower gel,which help you travel to the heaven and at the same time make your body feel moisture during and after shower!
It's 90,7% natural content,and the wheat's proteins and the aloe vera,which included in this product,make it perfect,especially if you have dry skin!

What i love the most about it,ofcourse after the smell,is that you don't feel dry your skin afterwards!
If you take look you will notice a variety of different scents so i guess you will find something that you really like!

Also on the skincare department, i tried out the pomegranate moisturize cream,which is in gel consistency and in case you don't know already i absolutely love those kind of products!
From the same line,i bought the tonic lotion and i really enjoy it!If you have sensitive skin or if you are looking for something light and gentle or if you are really young,so you don't need something heavy i highly recommend it to you!

Last but not least,i already did a full review on the masks and scrubs that the brand came out recently,i think a year ago!
They are good,work well but don't expect miracles!They're those kind of products that always come in handy,because who don't need some more scrubs and face masks!
Again,they are natural products so why not!

Moving to the makeup department,i need to warn you that i have quite a few of favorites here too...

I can't even tell you enough about this product!
I did a full review about this,i think a year ago but i start use it way before,almost since it came out!

Are you looking for a really black eyeliner?One which will be not be messy and dries out quickly?Are you looking for your first eyeliner ever?
To all those questions,this is the answer!
I'm telling you,if you want to try just one product out of all of those in this post,pick this one!

Maybe i sound over the top,but i promise you i'm not!I just love it so much that to be honest i can't use anything else!I try out different ones,(because you know this is what i like to do,try out makeup) but nothing compare to that!
I wonder how i didn't see anyone mention it! 

I couldn't find the exact shade on the brand's site so not sure if it's still available!I have it in the shade 15 Nude!
One of the first eyeshadows that i ever own!As you can tell i use it quite a lot,as i hit pan!
This one,it depends you skincolor ofcourse,but i use it more to even out the color of my eyelid!
You can't really tell that it's there but if you have discoloration,small veins or more redish skin in this area definitely helps a lot!
Also it's great as a base,because of the velvety texture it helps other eyeshadows blend easily on the top of it!

I guess it's not a surprise,but i did a post with all of the shades that i own (which are quite a few of them) and a full review!
Even though i bought them before long time ago,i still use them so that says a lot!
All you lazy girls out there you will feel me on that...They are sooo easy to use,like no other!
You can use it on their own,during mornings for a little something on the eyes,as they really brighten them up or you can use them as a base,to built up others shades or make them more vibrant!

I completely forgot to include lipsticks on this post!And that was so silly of me because not only Korres have some really great ones.but has a big variety in the textures!They have twist lipsticks which are my favorite,small sticks,which are more matte and others which are more hydrate(have it in the shade 24 Purple and it's a gorgeous everyday deep pink color)!

Also for lips,you will find lip glosses,which are super pigmented (have one in the shade 55 Ruby Red,and it's a really beautiful cherry color) and lipbalms both in stick and pots,for all preferences for hydrated and kissable lips *wink wink*

I know that this post is super long already and i really hope that you keep reading!
but i can't end it without mention another one of my loves from Korres!

Recently launch parfumes and fragrances and let me tell you you need to smell the Vanilla one!
As i told you before,i love anything with that scent so this fragrance couldn't be an exceptional!
It's a sweet,kind of deep scent and the best part is that it stays on our skin and clothes for days!
As it says on the bottle this smell is a combination of Vanilla,Freesia and Lychee!

Phew,that was a long one but i hope that you enjoy it and i gave you a taste of what you need to try from Korres!
This post,because maybe it seems like that,isn't sponsored by any means,i just love and believe in this brand and also none of the links are affiliate,i just add them in case you need more information for any of those products!

Do you ever tried any product from Korres?What product are you the most tempted to try out?
Let me know also in the comments if you want any full review or swatches for any of the products above ^_^

Hope you like it
Keep Smile :)
xx Aphrodite



  1. I love Korres! Have you used their sunscreem and after sun cream with yoghurt? They are amazing, I totally recommend them! :)


  2. I love Korres! Have you used their sunscreem and after sun cream with yoghurt? They are amazing, I totally recommend them! :)



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