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Review & Swatches : World Famous Neutrals - Easiest Nudes Ever Eyeshadow Palette by Benefit

Hello Sunshines ^_^

I guess it's already known so far my big love for eyeshadow palettes!I just love them and i think hat no matter what always come in handy!

This is something that my friends realize it too so before quite a long time ago they gift me this palette that you see above,the World Famous Neutrals - Easiest Nudes Ever Palette by Benefit!

For some weird reason i never really use it much,maybe because there was always something new to try so this palette left behind,stacked away with other makeup products,that not really use!

I decided though to start using all the products in this area and either finish them and get rid of them or who knows,maybe i will find a hidden gem!

So this palette definitely goes in the second category!

If you are all about natural,beige colors eyeshadows then this palette is for you!
As the name says,it includes the easiest nudes shades ever!

Perfect for beginners,if you don't mind the price (not much pricey though if you think about we are talking about benefit)!
You can create a bunch of looks,more naturals for everyday and darker ones for your night outs!

This palette it comes in a box look like packaging,which is easy to travel with and at the same time it keeps your shadows safe as it closes pretty well with a magnet!

On the lid,behind the sheets with day to night looks and tips and tricks about how to use the palette you can find a decent mirror,which don't get me wrong,always come in handy!

But let's move to the most important and interesting,at my opinion,part which are the shadows that included in this beautiful palette...

First,in the side,you will see two small pots with creaseless cream shadows!
One in a light shade,the r . s . v . p,a beautiful shimmery champagne color and a darker one,the no pressure!,a rich quite sparkly brownish color!
As you can tell from the swatches above,both of them are pigmented enough,even though the creamy  consistency!
They work really good,either applying on their own,for a soft look and a little something to your eyelids or you can use it with the way that i did,like a base for other eyeshadows!I use the r . s . v . p as a base for lighter shades and it helps them to look more vibrant and last longer and the no pressure! as a base for darker looks,to prepare my eyelids and create a darker base to work with my powder shadows!

Next to those pots you will find four powder shadows!

The call my buff,a matte light beige color,love to apply it all over my lid during the day but also because it's matte works perfectly on the inner corners of the eyes and under the brows!
The thanks a latte,a shimmery golden brown shade,looks really pretty all over the lid during the night or as a crease shade during the day for a quite natural look!

The pinky swear,a soft matte color,i'm not gonna lie,in my skintone you can tell that there is something there but for my preference is a little bit too natural!It's a beautiful color though,which you wear it on it's own or with one of the brown shades on the crease for a romantic look!
The quick,look busy,a deep matte dark brown color,is by far my favorite shade in this palette!You can use it on your outer corners of your eyes to darken and make the look deeper,on the crease for a darker look and with a small brush you can apply it really close to your eyelashes,like an eyeliner for a more natural look!
Also if it suits the color,you can fill your eyebrows as it is a matte shade!

In the photo above you can see a makeup look that i created with this palette!
(sorry if the photo seems a little bit crappy,need more practice with those kind of photos)

I applied all over the lid the no pressure!,the darker cream shadow and then in the inner and outer parts of the lid the thanks a latte shade!In the middle,i applied the call my buff,to add more light in the center of my lid!
The same shade,i use it in the inner corner and under my brows,again for a little bit highlight and so everything will blend together nicely!
Last but not least,i add the quick,look busy,in the outer corner,but only there without much blending in order to give more depth in the look!
I add the same color in my lower lashes,so it will look more put together!

Do you ever tried this palette?
Also i will love to let me know in the comments below what do you want to read next around here ^_^

Hope you like it
Keep Smile :)
xx Aphrodite

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