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How To Stay Motivated To Achieve Your Goals

I never consider myself as one of those people that wake up in the morning and start ticking off things from their to - do list!I always have goals in my mind that i wanted to achieve but then i usually get lazy and things start pilling up!
In January,i decided to write them down and in my last post i checked with you how i'm doing with them!Surprisingly,i'm doing really good and after all,in long run maybe i'm not such a lazy person!You noticed that i seem like i'm on track,which made me extra happy so today i will share with you how i try to stay motivated in order to achieve my goals...
Before starting with the ways i really want to point out that by any means i'm not like that every single day and you don't need for sure to follow all those things below and act like that everyday in order to achieve your goals!To be honest,all those ways are just what works for me and what i suggest you is to try different things and ways out until you find a ''motivational'' system which will work for you!!

1. Write your goals down!

No matter if those goals are yearly,montly or daily,i find out that when i write them down is more possible to achieve them!It's not necessary to be somewhere in public,like i did with that post in the start of the year,it can be a page in your planner/notebook or even in the notes on your phone!
I also like to keep them quite loose and not as something that i MUST do it,because that's how my mind work i guess!When i HAVE to do something,most of the times i try to avoid it for some reason!

I suggest you instead,to write them with a more relaxed tone,more like a reminder,something to look back if you want to check your progress!

2. One day at a time

Because you set a goal doesn't mean that you need to overpush and be hard on yourself,in order to achieve it at a specific time!Sometimes life happens and we fall out of track and that's okay!It's okay,if we spent one day or two doing nothing and just lay in the sofa too! 

Even if you have a bad day,either because of lack of motivation or things didn't work out as you wanted to be,remember that there is still tomorrow!You still have time to reach your goal!
Maybe you take a break in your way there but you are still on track and your goals right in front of you!

3. Positive state of mind

I was quite unsure,if i should add this step on here because i read online some things the last couple of days about positivity and how some people are overdo it and sometimes even fake it and honestly,i don't want to be one of those kind of people!

But on the other hand,i like to keep my mind and my overall energy positive!I'm not an angel or something,i have a lot of days that i'm moody and i see the glass half empty but because we are talking about achieving goals,like it or not,a positive state of mind and perspective in general i think is helpful!
Personally i like to be positive and recognize my progress instead of seeing everything  around me black and negative and be like 'oh i will never make it,i will never be able to do that,i'm a loser e.t.c'
No no no,you are an amazing person,you are capable to do everything you set your mind in and you will make it!
That's the right mind set for me and if you think right now that you can't be like that....fake it till you make it!

4. Don't compare yourself with others

This is something that come in handy in every situation that we struggle with,i guess and maybe something that it's easier to say than doing it!Who doesn't have those moments that we feel bad about ourselves and everyone around us seems to have their lives together!Seriously though,how some people do it?

Anyway,back in subject...

And the subject is that compare ourselves with others doesn't help anyone and with anything,except maybe depression but i guess that's not our point right?
We are not perfect and to be honest we don't need to be,because where is the charm in perfection anyways?!
We don't have everything,always under control but we can if we want!
Just take it one step at a time and slowly but surely you will see some progress and i'm telling you if you take a look behind you,a clear look though,not negative or pessimist one,you will realize how far you came and how much of a capable person you are!
A person that you should be proud of and admire,like you do with all the others around you!

5. Believe in yourself

Probably all my points above end up or start with this but let's make it more highlight it more,because for me this is the number one way to achieve everything you set your mind in!
I will agree that it's something really hard to do and i struggle with it a lot in the past!
I had a lot of doubtful,not hours or days,but months!Months that i said to myself,you are not enough,you can't do it,don't even bother to try!

But that's not true!That's so not true!

It's just some thoughts in your head,which are far away from reality!
Shush those voices in your head,stick everything around you quotes and notes,which will remind you constantly how amazing you are and just keep going and trying to reach everything you want!
Prove everyone,included yourself wrong!

Before,ending this post...i know,finally, i really want to remind you one last thing!

It's never too late to set a new goal and try to achieve it!
Your age doesn't matter and you don't need to wait until it will be new year's eve,first day of the month or Monday,because all the days are the same when it comes to that matter!

How you stay motivate to achieve your goals?Let me know in the comments below...Maybe someone will need an extra help to keep going ^_^

Keep Smile :)
xx Aphrodite


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