Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Goals 2016 So Far

Hello Sunshines ^_^

Can you believe that it's August already?
More than a half a year now is gone and i'm not gonna lie,that stressed me a little!

I was about to talk about goals on that post but then i wondered what about MY goals for 2016!
All this time,since i wrote the post about them,i never look back at it!

So this is what we will talk about today!My progress so far!

Stay tune though till tomorrow,if you are interested about my ways to stay motivate in order to achieve your goals!

Blog wise!
I want to be more consistent!
I still try to post more often and based on a program!I have for sure long way to go in order to achieve that!The goal is 3 posts per week,which is a good amount i think,so you will not get bored by me!I'm working on that!

Improve my photography!Seems that i did some steps so far and now i'm more happy with it!Ofcourse there are still enough room for improvement and i think that it will happen till the end of the year!I want to find my own style,so you can tell a photo is mine,just by look at it!Pretty challenging for sure!

About engagement,i'm not sure how things are going!Not much comments to my posts but i guess it happens because i don't leave much comments on other blogs!Definitely something that i need to work more!
I try to be more present on twitter and on the other side i lost any interest on instagram!Seems that i stuck there after the changes and that's discouraging!I either get quite a lot of likes or not at all!About people who follow me,i don't even want to talk about it!My numbers are same for weeks,if not month!

I guess didn't try much of new things!But do you remember that i talked about Youtube?Well,i film 2 videos,now i need to edit them!Not so easy as i thought!But who knows maybe you will see them one day!I want to happen though till the end of the year!

Also in that direction,i think about opening an etsy shop!Maybe that sounds weird to you,as i never mention it,but i love to paint and create different canvas designs!Maybe add some dreamcatchers and other little things that  i have in mind!
But seems a huge project at the moment,but who knows,maybe that will happen too!
I will love to hear from you,if you have any experience or any useful post or video about it !!

Work and uni!
Here comes the disappointment ,because i didn't graduate!I have exams in September again but still not sure if i will make it to pass all my classes!If that happens it means that i will need to wait until the exams on February!
My parents will be so not happy it they will hear about it!

But on a happy note,i made it,i find the courage and i quit my job!I still can't believe it that i finally make it!It took me 4 years but the end i make it!
Maybe it sounds odd but it wasn't for me,the environment and the people there was so unhealthy my my mental health and so disrespectful!
I'm already 2 months out of that job,to be honest i struggle right now with my economics but i couldn't be happier that i'm out of there!
Let me know if you want a full post with my experience there,like the lessons i learn e.t.c

Personal Goals
Happiness!!I don't know if i can tell that i'm happy but i'm in a good state for sure!I have around me people that i can trust and i love them so much!
The only thing,well not the only but the biggest part of my worries is about my economics and my graduation,but well i try and i do the best that i can!
Sometimes i worry about my blog too,but again i feel that i do the best that i can do and i'm determine to try harder!
Overall,i feel that i'm in a good place and i want to look at the glass half full!

Do i show my love around?Not sure about that!I definitely spent a lot more time with my family,especially after i quit my job!In case you don't follow me on snapchat (bubblybeauty135 in case you want to add me) or twitter,we went family holidays too and it was really nice!My mum couldn't be happier haha

Books!!Guess how many i read so far?
None haha
But i'm reading one right now,it's my first book in English but it goes well,i just found boring the storyline ,that's why it took me so long!I will let you know though what i think about it when i'm done!

Give back!!I didn't found a proper chance yet but i'm finally in the Actionaid's program with the kids,if you know what i mean and it's something that i wanted to do for really long time and i feel so happy inside!

That is my progress with my goals so far!Things could be better but i'm still happy!
Don't forget that you still have 5 full months to achieve them and even more!

I will love to let me know what you think of that kind of posts!Personally i love them,both the ones where they set the goals and those where talking about how things going with them!
I you enjoy them,i can write them monthly,with monthly goals...if you are interested ofcourse!

Stay tune for tomorrow's post,where i will share with you the ways to stay motivate to achieve them!

What's your progress so far with you goals for 2016?

Keep Smile :)
xx Aphrodite

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