Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The 2 in 1 Contouring/Highlighting Sticks

I will start this post with a confession!I'm a contour/bronzer kind of person instead of a blush one!I can leave the house without even notice that i didn't applied blush!
Especially this summer i feel that i was all out with contouring,didn't settle with a natural finish,i wanted to be there,to be able to see it!
I used to use powders for that,mainly because i found it easier but let me tell you,if you didn't use a cream product for contouring already you really miss out...
I use those two sticks that you can see in the photo above every single day,ofcourse,one at a time,i didn't reach that point yet haha

I spot some differences between them,some things that i like and dislike about them so i decided to put them together in a post so each one of you find something that like and prefer better!

Before start talking about them individually i want to mention that both of those products are 2 in 1,they have both a contouring and a highlighting side,which i find it great as an idea because that way you need just one product and you are good to go!

I will start with this as it was the first one that i tried out!
I have the shade 03 Dark,because of the contour side and by that i mean that on the lighter shade,the highlight part was good but not the contour one!
The color,even though it looks like that just by seeing the packaging,it's not that much in the brownish side!It has more grey-ish tones on it,which make it perfect for contouring!
Both of the sides are super creamy and blend easily,either with sponge or brush!The brush that i use is the one in the top photo,a real technique one,which you can find it in the set with the face brushes!
Even though that you can definitely see that it's something there,doesn't seem bad at all!
I will be honest with you,that i reach more for this stick than the other!I really love the intensity of the look that it gives!

About the highlight part now!
I don't really fancy it!I don't find much use of it!
Maybe the shade it's not the best for my skintone but it doesn't work as i thought it would!
It definitely gives a natural look,which again,not the biggest fan!
It's completely matte and works more than a brightening product rather than something which reflect the light!
As i told you i don't really use it,so not much opinion about it!

Lastly,the only disadvantage that i can mention about this product is maybe the packaging!I would prefer much more to be like the Sephora one,so the highlighting and contouring sides be separated than all in one think stick but still love it and recommend it to you!

I have always seen this product on the site of Sephora and thought that i really need to try it!So when i visit the store,i tried out the shades and i ended up with that!I have the shade Medium!
If you want a more natural look then this is for you!
The photo above is not a good example as i used quite a lot in order to be able for the camera to pick it up!
Both of the sides are super creamy,easy to blend as well as the previous one!
The only problem with that is that this specific shade is too brown-ish/orange for me and for contouring it's better to use more grey-ish shades!
I don't want though to blame the product,because maybe the other shades are not like that!
The highlighting,it's exactly like the one from Maybelline that i described before!
It brightens up the areas that you use it but doesn't reflect the light!

Last but not least,i wasn't sure if i should mention that because you know,things happens but i see a lot of people complain about it so here you go!
Since the first uses,like one or two,both of the sides broke!It's not that i twist it too much,i don't know how but it was quite sad!Maybe the creamy consistency and the heat of the season wasn't a good combination for this product!

Overall between the two products,i think both of them have hit and misses like all the products and it's more about what works best for your skin and the shades that you pick for your skintone!
For my skin and how i prefer my makeup to look like i will suggest more the Maybelline one but either way,it's better to go in a store and test out the different shades in order to be sure what works best for you! 

Do you tried before any of these products or cream contouring at all?What's your go to products for contouring and highlighting?

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Keep Smile :)
xx Aphrodite

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