Friday, August 19, 2016

Review & Swatches: L'oreal Paris Color Riche Summer Glam Eyeshadow Palette

I want to make a confession!My eyeshadow palette obsession getting bigger and bigger!
But i think that it's not just my fault!There are so many out there and every now and then a new pop up with beautiful colors which just call my name...and i can't i need to buy it!
So guess what?!A new drugstore one popped up and i needed to buy it...
We will talk about the Color Riche Summer Glam Eyeshadow Palette by L'oreal!
As the lady of the counter told me,this is a limited edition one for now,during the summer!
So,i know that summer is almost over but there is still time and i think that if not all of them,the most of those shades you can wear them all year around!
Don't think much about it,if you like it after read this review,go grab it before it's gone forever!

What made me fell in love with this palette is the bold,colorful shades on it!
Don't get me wrong,i will always like and adore my neutral eyeshadows,i still use the other palette from this line with the rose shades,for which i already wrote a review about it!

But this one is something completely different!
There were days that i was really feeling add some color in my eyes but i din't have until now anything to do it!
It comes with 10 colorful eyeshadows,which  personally i will never buy them in a mono eyeshadow packaging and a double size brush,spongey in one side and brush on the other!As you can tell i already try it and the spongey side come really in handy for the shimmery shadows!

I guess,we can all agree now that this purchase was a real need and necessity!

But let's move on to the quality and what i think about the shadows...

Pigmentation : I'm not gonna lie,i was quite afraid before i swatch it!
Oh yeah,forgot to mention that i didn't check the pigmentation on the store,just saw and bought it!
But nothing to worry or regret about it,because they are really pigment!In the photo,all the swatches made with just one swipe!Basically you get the exact color that you see on the packaging!
Ofcourse,like all the other palettes that i own,some shadows,like the completely matte ones are a little bit more pigmented than the others but overall i'm impressed!

Texture/Colors : It has a mix of everything,so you will find what are you looking for,no matter what!
There are mattes,which are,started from the top of the photo with the swatches,the 4th,7th,9th and 10th!Those are the more powerful ones,considering the colors,so i think it was a good choice to pick those shades as mattes!Then we have more sheer ones,the 1st and 6th,with is the lightest colors,really beautiful,especially in the inner corner of the eyes!All the other shadows are slightly shimmery,nothing chunky or something like that!

Duration : I used all the shadows without a primer underneath and if i remember well,i wore this makeup look on a dinner date!Even though that it was super hot that day,they last for about 4 hours,like you could see them clearly at that point!Then,the hours after that,started to slowly fade out!

For the makeup look below i used the 4 shades,which i marked in the photo above!
First,i used the shade 4,a bronze gold shade as a transition one!By that,in case you don't know,i mean that i applied it in the area between the lid and the crease!Usually we use something more neutral there and a shade between the others that we use,because that's exactly what it does,it's in between the other shades and help them blend easily and effortless!
Then i applied all over the lid the shade 2,a really beautiful orange shimmery shade and i added in the crease the shade 3,which let me tell you,that's the one that fell in love with the first sight with!It's a deep quite redish shade!Not exactly how to explain it!How you really call this color?
Last but not least i added in the inner corner and a little bit under my eyebrow the shade 1,in order to bright up the whole makeup look! 

Do you want a closer look?Add me on Insta,since this is the place that i will post one tomorrow <3 
(cheeky promotion,i know,but please still love me)

Do you tried this palette before?For which product do you want to read a review about next?

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Keep Smile :)
xx Aphrodite

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