Sunday, September 11, 2016

Life & Thoughts Lately

Not sure where this post will be going,i guess i will just go with the flow!
It's been a while since the last time that i wrote a post,where i just rumbling without a specific idea or theme in my mind and i quite miss it!
So grab a cuppa and join me...Let's talk...
I didn't talk much about it but it's been already 3 full months since i quit my job!
Still can't believe that actually happened!
It was a big difference since i worked there for 5 years but i don't regret it at all!
As all things this job had some advantages and help me in some ways and some disadvantages,which was way more that the first ones!

If you are interested i can do a separate post with more details and how i feel now!
But long story short,it wasn't the right place for me,it felt like it was holding me back and doesn't have anything else to offer me!
But yeah...let me now if you want to go in more details!If that's a subject that you are interested of!

After 5 years,i had finally a chance to spent some time with family,friends and myself!
Summer was relaxing,not much went on!I went for holidays with my family and it was amazing!
I realized how much things i missed all those years!
(all those years i never take days off,only a few of them,one day here and there!Crazy right?!)
I had such a lovely time though with them and my brothers!I enjoy it and i can tell that they were happy too that finally we spent some more time together!

With that decision,quitting my job,a little bit of loneliness came with!
I had and still have so much more free time in my hands,which sometimes make realize how lonely i am!
Don't get me wrong!I'm one of those people that enjoy to spent time by myself!With blogging and all those online activities of mine i find something to fill my day more than enough!
But there is times,that i just sitting in my room and i was thinking how much more fun and energetic i used to be!
This realization,i'm not gonna lie,make me quite sad!
Who knows,maybe i'm getting olders,hopefully wiser and sadly more serious?!
No idea really,but fun fact the other day i was saying to my friend that we need to something crazy again,whatever it is...not much luck,she said i'm going crazy,probably because i'm too much hours alone in home ahah

On the positive side,i decided to use that time and turn my bad emotions into creativity!
This was my escape for so many years so i said why not now!
I decided to open an etsy shop,where i sell cross stitch designs,which you can hung them on your wall or stood them on your desk!
Cross stitching,even thought that it was always a lovely activity of mine,quite therapeutic and relaxing,in the back of my head sometimes seems old fashioned!Something that our grandmas used to do and decorate literally all the house with them!
I believe that this is the first thought in a lot of people's minds when they heard about it!

But i said why not to add a modern twist on that?
I'm not good at drawing but i can turn the images on my head into cross stitch designs!
So yep,i turn all the images into squares by myself,because this is how it works better for me than find a pattern from the internet!I tried to use a program too but doesn't work or something so i much prefer to do it by my own,even though that it's quite time consuming!
Not much designs yet,but i'm working on them,more will come and i already have in mind some other items with cross stitch on them that i can add too!

Last but not least,let's talk a little about blogging!
Not my best time guys!
Apparently,even though that now i have more free time,i don't have motivation at all!
Post ideas are not a problem because i already have a list of them,so i don't really know what's my problem!
I feel like my blog overall is not good enough!My content,photography,layout just everything basically seems to bother me and that puts me away from writing!
Also,i catch myself compare my blog with others much more often lately and i know that this is not good,not gonna help but exactly the opposite,it will bring me down just like it did!
Sounds exaggerate but there are days that i said to myself that maybe blogging is not for me,maybe i'm not good enough and i will never be!

What i'm more concerned about and i want your thoughts about,is my content!
I read in the most posts about blogging that a blog should have a very specific ''niche''!Like what this blog is about!Everything else will confuse the readers and basically they will go away from the blog!

And here is my problem!
This is definitely a beauty blog but i'm the kind of person who get bored so easily!
When i tried to write only about beauty,let me tell you that i wasn't the happier person!
But i said this is what you have to do,people need to know that you are a beauty blog!A professional beauty blog!
Can you tell the struggle?
This is what make me skeptical about the the etsy shop too!I wondered who i even bring those together?What will people think about it?
They will be sooo confused!

But i will tell you what,as i thought about all those things i said to myself (yep,i used to talk a lot with my inner me) that we need to go back!Back in the time that we were in love with that little space!
Why i start in the first place,what inspired me and what i did differently back then and i actually enjoy it!
Because let's be real,i don't talk about my photography ''skills'' back then!

By that said i will try to bring some bubbly vibes in the blog,as the name says!Because that was the reason i picked that name!I don't had in mind a professional,magazine like blog!I wanted to create a happy,relaxing,laid back place!
A place,where we will share our beauty tips and tricks,find new products to feel in love and at the same time chit chat about our struggles,things that brings us down and try to uplift each other
Tomorrow is Monday,so i thought it was a good timing to share this post with you today,in order to start the new week with a clearer mind!

I will live to hear what do you think about all those things!How is your life lately?
Also i will be so happy with any feedback about my blog and the content!What do you like,what not?What do you want to see next around here?

Keep Smile :)
xx Aphrodite

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