Friday, September 30, 2016

Review : Aroma-Perfection Thermo Active Mask by Nuxe

It's been a while since i've talked about face masks and surprisingly this is the first full on review that i write about one!That's a bit weird as i really love them and my stash is getting bigger and bigger,so except more to come!Most of the times i prefer treatment masks,like the ones who clear and improve my skin in general rather than moisturize it!A mask like that is the Aroma-Perfection Thermo Active Mask by Nuxe and today i will tell you why it catch my eye...

The thing that made me bought it is that it's a thermo active mask!I never tried before something similar and that intrigued me a lot!What it does basically,is to heats up when you apply it on your skin,the pores opened and just like that clears the skin in depth!
Now that i read it back,maybe sounds a little bit scary or weird but probably is wrong my way to describe it!When i say heats up don't imagine that your face will be on fire! (cos my mun that's what believe and still don't let me to apply it on her) You slightly feel it,like a barely warm sensation on your face!

Not my first time on that department,this mask exfoliate the skin at the same time!It contains those little beads,which slightly exfoliate the skin both while you apply the mask and wash it off!
If you have sensitive skin or don't like intense scrubs in general then this is for you!Those white beads,which you can see in the photo above,are not hard at all,melt quickly but at the same time you can tell that remove the dead skin!
When the time is up massage you skin for a little,wash off and you are good to go!

Except from all the above,there is some more little things that make this mask different from all the others that i tried so far!First,it just needs 2-3 minutes in your skin and you are ready!Personally to be honest,i like to leave my masks on for longer like 10-15 min.!This specific one,because i find the gap between the time quite big,i usually leave it for about 5-10 min. and i don't have problem at all,like red skin or a reaction!
On that point,need to mention that i never wash off a mask more easily!And that's for me is a big deal,as this is something that puts me off sometimes from applying a mask,i just can't bother afterwards to wash it off!

Bye bye tightness!!
I know that this is something that bothers a lot of you,so that's another big plus!
As you can tell from the photos,when you apply it,it's like a cream which when you leave it on your skin turns out kind of oily texture!Maybe that's the reason that it doesn't harden and you can still move your face without any problem!

Last but not least,i guess it's time to talk about how the skin feels afterwards!Clean,fresh and most of all soft!!
Soft is the first thing that comes in my mind when i wash it off!Maybe it's because of the exfoliation part,but you can see that evens out the skin and makes it more glowy and smooth!
As i told you in so many posts already,i have some tiny pimples on my face!I can't tell that it helps much with them!I know it's hard to tell something like that immediately but for sure doesn't work like a charcoal mask or like one with tea tree on it!
That's not necessary bad,it just works different! 
Personally,what i see from my skin,it's a mask that will improve the texture of your face!For example i see a big difference in my pores around my nose!It tighten them up and at the same time clear my nose in depth!

Overall,i really enjoyed this mask!I recommend it,if you have oily/combination type of skin like me and you are looking for a quick treat for your skin,which will smooth it out and leave it all fresh and clean!

Do you ever tried this mask before?What's your favorite face mask?
Lemme know in the comments below ^_^

p,s i will love to know what post will you like to read next or in the future around here <3

Keep Smile :)
xx Aphrodite


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