Wednesday, September 21, 2016

My ''No Foundation'' Makeup Look

Even though that we are already more than half through September,here,in Greece still feel quite like summer!That make me stay away form the foundation,even the bb creams,especially on mornings just because i know that there isn't any point or any chance to last!
Fell in love with the look so it took the pass for an appearance in the blog!

What i love most about it is that even though i don't wear any foundation,concealer or powder,still looks put together!I don't recommend it for a night out or any special occasion,ofcourse you do you and you can rock anything,just my personal preference!
I do wear it though and work out pretty well,on hot mornings while running errands,last minute coffee dates or to be real just lazy to get ready properly!

My skin lately is much clearer and maybe that gave me that boost,to be brave and say no to my ''coverage''!I still have though some pimples here and there,some days more some days less!
My biggest insecurity,when it comes to my skin is my large pores around my nose!
Again not every day is the same but sometimes they are visible even with foundation on the top!

In days like that i use the Drops Of Youth Wonderblur by The Body Shop!
As the name says,it does wonder into blurring your skin!I use it around my nose,chin and forehead and makes my skin instantly look and feel more smooth!As you can see in the photo with the swatches,it comes out quite like a paste but if you rub it in your skin transform itself into a creamy consistency!
In good days i skip that part as well!

Because my skin,except of the moisturizer is pretty much naked,powdery products will not stick and they will not last at all!For this reason,for this look,creamy products come in handy!
As i said i don't use foundation in this look and i'm all about those natural looking vibes but can you say not to contouring/highlighting?
I can't for sure!I tried it and maybe it's because i don't used anymore to see my face without it but let me tell you,it looked like a big potato!

I talk about it in a previous post too,i'm so in love with the Facestudio Master Contour V Shape Duo Stick by Maybelline!Not a fan of the highlighting part but the contour one is just perfect!The shade is just the best for contouring,not too brown not too grey and blends soooo easily!It's not too dramatic either but at the same time you can tell that it's there,that gives a shape to my round face!

So not a highlighter pro over here and as funny as it sounds,i start using one recently!
(I know,what a perfect beauty blogger i am haha)
I don't know what to say about that product!At first,to be honest,when i used it,i'm not sure what exactly i expected but i couldn't see it on my skin so i thought what a pointless product!
But one night,a friend of mine compliment it and i was like ''what?can you see it?''
So i keep using it!It looks natural on the skin but when the sun or light hit on it it's definitely there!
In the photo above,it's the third swatch and it has that beautiful nude/golden shade which i think that compliment most of the skintones!Forgot to mention that this is the shade Light - Iriddescent!There is available another one darker shade!
(if you buy it please don't do my mistake,don't apply it over and over just because you can't see it!It's there and you don't want to blind anyone)

Next comes the blush!As you probably know,don't really bother for them but i find this look quite dull without it!Maybe because there is nothing on the skin,you need to add some color there!
To achieve that i use a blush stick by Korres!
Unfortunately i couldn't find it anywhere online anymore,as it's quite old,so there is no link for that!I do,though leave a link above in case you are interested for the brand in general!(not affiliate or anything,just pure love and trust as you tell from this post too)
In case you wonder about the shade or maybe if you want something similar to that is the fourth swatch!Maybe it looks quite bold and dark but in reality if you blend it out,it gives a beautiful rosy color on your cheeks!
If you know any blush,similar to the one that i used,let me know in the comments below,maybe you will help someone,who is looking for one too!

Now that we are done with the face,let's move to the eye area and ofcourse to the brows!Make up or not in the face,brows are something that i always look after!I don't really change the shape just fill them in a little and make them look fuller by using the Brow Artist Shaper by Loreal in the shade 04 Dark Brunette!
My favorite part of the makeup finally came,apply mascara!As funny as it sounds i feel quite naked without my lashes!I'm so in love with the new Miss Hippie mascara by Loreal that i can't even tell you enough about!It does everything that you need from a mascara!It lengthen,darken and it gives volume on the lashes!I on't feel really lucky with my lashes but still make them look like they are fake!
If you are a fan of a more natural look then i don't recommend this mascara,but if you are like me then you need to try it!

Last but not least,we need to pop some color on the lips!
I don't even know how many times i show you this lipstick already both on here and Insta but it's just my favorite and i'm obsessed!
I talk about the Color Sensational Creamy Matte Lipstick by Maybelline in the shade 650 Magnetic Magenta!As funny as it sounds this is my happy lipstick!The vibrant color,the texture and just everything just make me feel good and happy!I wear it on the mornings and i think ''today will be a good day'' haha
Definitely need more lippies like that in my life!

What's your go to makeup look lately?Which is your happy lipstick?I will love to read all your comments below ^_^

Keep Smile :)
xx Aphrodite

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