Monday, September 5, 2016

Review : Foam Cleanser Face & Eye with Olive and Lavender by Apivita

The first and the last beauty step during our days is or at least should be,cleansing our face!I believe that this what make our skin looks flawless and spotless in a long run and create that perfect base for the makeup!
There is a lot of ways out there to clean your face but i'm traditional when it comes to that department!I'm a water and soap kind of girl so it's about time to introduce you to my little hero...
I don't even remember for how long i use this cleanser!
It's the best that i ever tried and i will explain you the reasons,why you miss out if you didn't try it already...

The packaging that you see in the photo is a limited edition one so don't worry if doesn't look exactly the same when you visit the store or order online!

This specific one cleanser,with olive and lavender,is for oily/combination type of skin like mine!
It's a dirt and makeup removal,has antiseptic and antioxidant action and at the same time hydrate the skin!

The thing that hook me up and make me buy it at the first time,was the mention that it's suitable for both face and eyes!
Eyes,as you know already is a sensitive area and more demanding when it comes to take care of!Most cleansers,which probably work wonders on the face,when you try to use them on the eyes the results are so not good,more on the painful side i will say!

With that cleanser that's not the case!I use it everywhere and there is no problem at all!Exactly the opposite if you ask me!
I feel it gentle on the eye area and remove any kind of makeup,even mascara!
For me that's the best part,because it's hard to find an eye removal which will not need much rubbing on the eyes in order to remove the makeup!
This cleanser fulfill that need!

It comes in a creamy liquid consistency,which when applied in the wet skin turn out white and foamy!
It has 92% natural ingredients,perfect if you have sensitive skin!
Also,speaking of ingredients,Apivita replace the water with green tea for more antioxidant and antiseptic action!
If you have slightly acne skin/oily,products with tea on them works wonder!Helps a ton with those little pimples and control the oiliness!

Last but not least,i want to do 2 more mentions about this cleanser!
First,it has a scent,not sure how to describe it,like flowers and for sure so relaxing and kind of luxurious!
Secondly,when i wash my face brushes,i do the first wash with a tiny pump of this little wonder and do the job so much easier!

Do you ever tried this cleanser?What's your favorite one?

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Keep Smile :)
xx Aphrodite


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