Tuesday, June 14, 2016

My 5 Products Face

Hello Sunshines ^_^

I think it's obvious so far that i love makeup but sometimes less is more!There are days that i'm not in the mood,i need to get out of house super fast or like most of the times,i sleep in and i don't have much time to get ready!

In situations and days like those that i described above,i like to wear minimal makeup looks,which i can achieve fast and easy,with just a few products,but at the same time to look put together,cute ad overall nicely!

Today i will show you one of those looks,just by using only 5 products!I pick some that i personally find easy to use,no need for extra tools and brushes and you can easily throw them on your bag,in case you want to apply your makeup on the go!Because let's be real here,quite a lot of times i'm so late that i need to apply my makeup on the go!

First thing first,and before start with the products i want to make you a reminder,which i will try to do it as often as i can on my posts,during the summer!

Before you apply your foundation or whatever base product you will pick,don't forget your sunscreen cream!No matter how little time you have,always wear your sunscreen,even if that means that you will not have time to wear anything else!As dramatic as it will sound,sun can damage your skin and no makeup or skincare routine will be able to fix it!
I did a full review of my favorite one the last summer,in case you want to check it out!This is what i will use this year too,because i didn't find anything better to replace it!Your recommendation about your sunscreen cream for your face are more than welcome!

But let's move to the makeup,don't we?

Base : The more i use it,the more i love it!It's the True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation by L'oreal!I did a full review on it,but basically it's a light liquid foundation in a form of a cushion!I like it because i can use it on it's own (not if you have oily skin),it gives a little bit of coverage but at the same time gives a healthy look on the face!It's buildable so if some days one layer is not enough for you,apply some more in the areas that it's needed!

Contour / Highlight : As i told you in my last post,not a big fan of blushes over here,but i like to add some shape and color on my skin and you know,make those cheeckbones pop up a little!For that reason as my second product i pick that 2 - in - 1 contour/highlight stick!It's the Master Contour V - Shape Duo by Maybelline and i have it in the shade medium!It comes only in two shades at the moment,light and medium!It's a new launch so maybe this is the reason that i didn't see it around at all!
I like it because it's creamy,matte and you can easily blend it with your fingers or with a sponge,even on top of powders!
Will you be interested to see how i use it in an Instagram video maybe or in a post with photos?Maybe a video with the whole makeup look?Let me know please in the comments below!

Brows : Brows is an essential,am i right?I think they frame the whole face and everything looks much nicer and put together!As always i use the Brow Artist Shaper by L'oreal in the shade dark brunette!For some reason it's the only products that i use for my brows for ages!It works good so not really in need to change it but i will love to read what's your favorite brow  product!

Mascara : I wanted to talk you about this mascara for so long!I can't remember if i talked about it on Insta though,but i love it!I'm not gonna lie,i'm picky with my mascaras because i want basically everything from them!I want volume,lenth and false lashes effect all in one and yep i found them on this little wonder!It's the Mega Volume Miss Hippie Mascara by L'oreal!It was a real surprise because the other manga mascara i don't like it much,especially the wand (too flexible for me) so i end up not using it!You should give it a try if not already!

Lips : Last but not least,we have the lips,which personally i prefer them bright and bold!Even though i tend to use this look on mornings and maybe the color seems a little bit too much,i still love it!I can't be the only one who try to uplift my mood on mornings with bright lipsticks,right?
Am i?I guess you do that too,if not you should try it because it works *wink wink*
Its the Color Sensational Creamy Mattes by Maybelline in the shade Siren in Scarlet,a bright red color,so beautiful and trust me doesn't look too much on day time or too bright as you can tell from the photo below!It's as bold as need to be!

What is you 5 products face?I will love to read everything,included all those questions that i asked above (just realized that are quite a lot...oops), as always,in the comments below ^_^

Hope you like it
Keep Smile

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  1. You have chosen some great products!

    My five step face would be, Rimmel wake me up foundation, Stay matte powder, Hoola bronzer, Benefit they're real mascara and Collections cream puff lipstick!

    Lovely post!
    Francesca 💜


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