Tuesday, June 7, 2016

My Top 3 : Primers

Hello Sunshines ^_^

It's finally summer!!Days are getting warmer and warmer here in my Greek island,which at some way is a good thing i guess!The only problem,which i deal with personally,with that weather it's that wearing make up a getting little bit more difficult!All the humidity and high temperatures make my foundation last so much less!For this reason i will share with you today my 3 favorite primers,which comes so much in handy this season!
All of them are different with each other,both the consistency and how they work,so hopefully you will find something that will work for you too!

This product contains Edeweiss stem cells and it promises that instantly smooths the skin texture,reducing fine lines and pores and at the same time prime the skin for the makeup!
I can't agree more on all those points!
This primer has a gel consistency,more like a thick paste i will say!Maybe this is the reason that smooth so beautiful the skin and almost disappear your pores!Even though that it's like gel,it's not greasy at all and has a satiny finish!It does help your makeup last longer,but i prefer to use it more on daytime that the makeup is not so heavy!
So this is the last step in my morning skincare routine and some days i use a light foundation on the top and some others i use it by itself!I love it,because even that way it makes your skin looks better without wearing any makeup!

That product is in that post for different reasons than the other two!It works more like a highlighter rather than a primer,which help the foundation last longer!
It promises that provides a light enriching base which illuminates the skin and also helps it to stay hydrate for 8h!
And that's exactly the way that it works!I like to use it on the parts of my face that i want to highlight or you can use it on the top of the foundation for extra glow!It has a watery consistency,can't tell that smooth out the skin but it gives a beautiful glow,like it comes from the inside!
I have oily/combination skin and i notice that it doesn't help much with it,since it's moisturizing,but a little bit more powder helps with that problem!
I think that it't perfect for daytime,as it hasn't any glitter or shimmer!

I heard and read so many things about this product that i couldn't resist from buying it!Some people like and some not!I'm for sure in the first category!
It helps your makeup last for really long time and for that reason this is the primer that i us\e on my night outs (yep,all those crazy clubbing nights *enter laughing emoji here*)!Seriously though if you want your makeup to last you need to try it!
It has a creamy consistency and make your skin feels so smooth and soft!It is white,but if you blend it in your skin,it looks like more with a soft glow rather than white tint as i read in other reviews!I like that make my skin looks matte but not dehydrated or greasy at all!
Such a nice and light on the skin product!

What's your favorite primer?Do you ever try any of those above before?Let me know in the comments below ^_^

p.s also in the comments,i will love to read any request/idea about what do you want to see next around here

Hope you like it
Keep Smile :)


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