Monday, June 20, 2016

Spread Some Love #1 : Favorite Blogs/Bloggers

Hello Susnhines ^_^

It's Monday,or better it's the end of Monday,where i live,so what a better chance to share some love among other bloggers!I think that it's the best day to cheer someone up!First day back to work after the weekend,back to weekly schedule,it's stressful enough so let's take every opportunity to make someone smile!!

Speeking of that,Jemma from Dorkface,wrote a beautiful post before a month ago,talking about easy ways to show your love and support to other bloggers!And you know what,is really the little things that can make a difference,a difference around you and on the mood of people!So head over there,take a look and let's spread some positivity around this week!

To pick out my favorite blogs and bloggers was the hardest thing ever!I wrote a really big list of people but as you can tell it is quite impossible to include all of them in just one post!But i will love to read in the comments below if you want to read a part 2 or 3 or 4!Because there are so many and amazing and talented people out there that's seriously crazy!!

But let's move to some of my favorites people...

Helene blogs about beauty and lifestyle topics and also share with all of us her blogging tips!I really like how bright and clean her blog looks like and also i really love her writing!I follow her around for quite a long time and let me tell you,she is such a sweet and kind person!Except of her blog you should also follow her on snapchat (OsbieBeauty)!I really miss her snaps lately but she is hilarious and always make me smile!

Robyn has a fashion blog!Although lately pop here and there some blogging and makeup related posts,which i really like them!It's one off tho fashion blogs that i really keep up with so i guess that said a lot!Her outfits are always on point,,which i'm not gonna lie,sometimes make me jealous!Also,,check out her instagram,fill with her beautiful outfits and on snapchat (phasesofrobyn),because her cat is perfection!If i even get an animal,i want this cat,just saying!

Amanda blogs everything about food and exercise!Again the only blog that i really keep up with,from this genre!I'm a beauty girl and i will hardly find anything else interest!But Amanda has her way to stole your heart!Her blog is perfection,but be careful if you are on a diet,because is full with tempting photos of food and recipes!She is such a bubbly and full of joy person,so make sure you follow her around and that include her snapchat (amandaboots) and youtube too!You will not miss any event that she attends!

In Sally's blog you will find everything about beauty!First i found out her Instagram,which let me tell you it's a true perfection!Personally this is what i love the most,her photos are always so beautiful,and this is the reason that back in time i decided to try harder to improve my photography!If you love beauty,reviews and those kind of things and beautiful,bright photos full of makeup and skincare products,definitely check out this girl and don't forget to follow her Instagram!You really miss out,if you don't follow her already!

Last but for sure not least,is my lovely girl Charlie!In her blog you will find mainly beauty posts but you can spot here and there some book related and hauls!I really love how clean and organized  her blog looks like!Her writing is like you have a chit chat with her in person!Speaking of that,her personality,if you follow her on twitter,shine bright through,and i'm telling you she is such an amazing person,so make sure that you check her out!Also add her on snapchat (charliec_p),her accent is really cute!

What's you favorite blogs/bloggers?Let's spread some more love and support in the comments below ^_^

Hope you like it
Keep Smile :)
xo Aphrodite

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  1. This is such a lovely blog post, it's so nice when bloggers show support and appreciation for other bloggers. This was honestly such a nice post to read. I've just started blogging and it can be so daunting sometimes but posts like this make me feel so much less intidimated so thank you!

    Rachael |


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