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My Top 3 : BB / CC Creams

Hello Sunshines ^_^

Do you ever wonder what we did before the invention of bb creams?I guess we just had two options,full coverage or bare face!
For me,bb creams are an essential in any makeup collection,because they can come in handy all year around!During winter,when our skin feels so dry to handle a foundation and during summer,just because it's too hot and humid the weather so anything else doesn't stay on!  

With so many bb creams on market things can be a little bit hectic and according my personal experience i try out quite a few until to find some which make me feel happy and comfortable!So today,i will talk to you about my 3 favorite bb creams!

I have oily/combination skin and not sure if you can tell from the picture below,but the area of nose and around it my most problematic ones!

I think that you can't notice the differences between the photos but let's hope that i will make sense!

One of he first bb creams that i tried!I will be honest and i will tell you that i don't use it really much.not because it isn't good but sometimes don't work for my skin!This bb cream is perfect if you have dry skin and you want something light without much coverage!
It's the most hydrate among the others that we will talk about,so if you have slightly oily skin like me,maybe you will end up with a litle bit more shiny face!On the other side if your skin tend to be dry you will love the healthy glow that it will give you!
Personally doesn't give me much coverage,but even out the skin so that's good!It supposes that it helps with acne and blemishes but i can't tell you much about it,because as i told you before i don't use it everyday in order to notice a difference!
It comes out in two shades,light and medium and i use the medium shade!
Last but not least,it blends very easily and it has SPF 25,which is amazing for summer,as you don't need to use extra product for spf! 
(sneaky reminder: always use spf during summer both on face and body)

I know,i said that we will talk about bb creams but in my mind,even though it's not true,i have bb creams and cc creams in the same category so here you go!
This product is one of the newest addition in my collection and i already love it,as i feel that works really good on my combination/oily skin!
The consistency is thicker that the previous one and it looks more matte!Still give you though that healthy glow which i love it!It gives enough moisture and if you have drier skin you can use it without powder or anything on the top and you will be good to go!
Again,it comes in two shades,light and medium and i have the medium shade!
Also,i need to mention that is a natural product,without paraben and paraffin and include 100%natural quince!!How amazing is that!

Hands down,this is my favorite bb cream so far!I use it all the time and in the most selfies on my Istagram,if you wonder,this is what i'm wearing!The only problem that i have with this product is that it's too watery and for this reason incredible messy to use!But to be fair,i think that it's my fault because i pick it up from a not too trusty shop for makeup so maybe it was in a too sunny place or it was old!But still use it because i love it that much!
I did a full review on this product,if you are interested to check out!
But quickly,i will mention that has the most coverage out of three and if feels almost like a foundation in hat department!This one specific is for combination to oily skin and that means that your face will not look shinny at all and stay matte for much more time!
In case you have drier skin,you can use the other one from the same brand,which is in a shorter and wider kind of bottle!For me is too moisturizing,so maybe it will works out for you!
Speaking about other editions of this bb cream,i knew only for those two that i told you above but apparently as i was looking on the site of the brand they came out with another one a 5 in 1 type of bb cream!
If you tried it let me know in the comments and also if you are interested to see a post all about those 3 bb creams and a comparison between them i will happily write one for you!

 Also in the comments i will love to read what else do you want to see around here,what kind of posts,which product do you want to review!

Do you every tried before any of those bb creams?Which one will be your next one?

Keep Smile :)
xx Aphrodite


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  1. I wish I'd read this before I bought mine, I got one of the Rimmel ones and it makes my face so shiny:/ x


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