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Review & Swatches : Benefit Cheeckathon Blush Kit

review & swatches benefit cheeckathon blush kit
Hello Sunshines ^_^

This post is a surprise even for me!I love beauty and makeup,in case that you didn't realize it already but to be honest i'm not the biggest fan of blushes!I don't own much of them,just one or two and i barely use them!But everything,or almost everything,change since i bought this palette!

It's the Cheeckathon Blush Kit by Benefit,which as the name says,it's a collection of Benefit's blushes and their famous bronzer,the Hoola!

I can't even describe you how much i wanted this palette!I think that the brand came out before with another one kit with blushes,limited edition again,probably Christmas season?Not sure!I couldn't make it back then so now i didn't want to loose the chance!
And i'm telling you,this palette is indeed a chance,a catch!All of those blushes/bronzer is full sizes,so if you think about how much you will pay for each one of them individually,you will see that this palette it's a bargain!

review & swatches benefit cheeckathon blush kit

As i told you before,i'm not a fan of blushes,but still i decided to buy it because it have your back not matter what makeup look are you going for!Also i was seeing this little boxes around and i was quite jealous because everyone raving about them and they look all gorgeous!
So after all this,let's take a closer look to the palette...

Like the minis,the packaging is not plastic but it's a box!Literally a box,because you can remove the inside part with the blushes,in case you want to store them in a z palette, and keep the box,which in the bottom under the blushes,it's gold with pink sprinkles like the outside and the back,to store different things!It's the little details girlies that make the difference!

It closes with a magnet,a rather strong magnet which is always good for the safety of the products!The whole vibe and design of the palette it's like a party,it has the dancers in the front and has those gold and pink glitters all over,which really make you smile somehow!The first thing that you will notice right in the moment that you will open the box,ofcourse after the beautiful actual products,it's a smell,not a bad one but for sure pretty noticeable!So if  you have sensitive skin maybe you need to be a bit more careful!

As a plus this kit come with a little brush,like the one,which contained in the individual boxes and a quite big mirror in the top lid,which is always appreciated and come in handy!I didn't use the brush yet,but it looks good to apply bronzer,as you will be able to be more precise!

swatches benefit cheeckathon blush kit

Let's see which blushes do you get with the kit...

Dandelion : The brand describe it as a ''brightening face powder'',but let's be real,it will be a little bit extreme to apply it in your whole face but if you fancy...go ahead!I will not judge!
However,i prefer to use it as a blush and out of all of them,this is the one that i use the most!It's a sheer baby pink powder,which give a healthy color on your cheek and brighten up your complexion!

Hoola : An iconic,i guess,product of Benefit!We have seen and heard about it so much!Everyone raving about it and now i can see why!It's a completely matte bronzer and i think that the specific shade works out for the most skin colors,as it's not too brownish or too grey-ish!

Rockateur : A shimmery rose gold blush!Darker than Dandelion for a more dramatic look!

Dallas : This is a shade that i really like but i don't tend to use so often!I need to change that because it's such a beautiful powder!You can use it both as a blush and bronzer for more dramatic looks!I will describe it as a dusty/mauvy rose color!

Colarista : Last but not least we have a classic coral blush,quite more shimmery than others!Surprise surprise i didn't use it yet at all!Still is a pretty shade,a classic one!

That was everything i guess!As you can tell i need to experiment more with this palette,because i realize that almost every time i use Hoola and Dandelion!I definitely recommend it though to everyone who is looking out for some good blushes and don't want to have a bunch of diferrent ones here and there!It's much cheaper than get each one of them individually and i believe that with this palette you will not need any other shade of  blush in your collection!

Do you ever tried this product?Any blush/bronzer by this brand individually maybe?I will love to read you opinions and thoughts in the comments below ^_^

Hope you like it
Keep Smile :)


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